Thanks for your posting regarding the Epson POS printer. Under devices and printers it shows that the epson printer is ready but fails to print the test page. Let the installer do its work. I also test using driver version 4, and it’s not working. You have to change that. So here’s the solution: Newer Post Older Post Home.

apd304e epson

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apd304e epson

Under devices and printers it shows that the epson printer is ready but fails to print the test page. If not, the printer will work only once. I had to configure “send directly to printer”, other than removing the check mark from bidirectional support and enable printer pooling. It does not work for me: Click on “Print Test Page”. Epson Support provide me with this link http: Thanks to this Blog which gave me an idea for what to do.

Hi, thanks for your suggestions. Select the correct model from the list.

apd304e epson

It’s super easy apd304ee that I know what to do. You have to change that. Using version 2 of driver, the printer’s status was “ready” but I could never print anything, even in command prompt. Thanks again, Beppe from Italy. How nice of your to provide this a deep information. Hi Bob, I recently got a TM-U unit cheap 2nd hand from Sulit, couldn’t pass it off with a parallel-to-usb cable and I was able to get this to work, using older drivers 3.


Thanks a lot for the blog!! Which kind of printer can print the Metal business cards?


Go to the Port tab. I also spent 3 days trying to install the same printer for a client. I’m having the same problem but in vita home premium So for those who need it go to http: After a final re-read of the page I noticed the comment prior to mine by JCline, which says to just set it up as a Generic Text printer.

I know this post is quite old but if anyone comes across it like I did I wanted to share my knowledge of installing this on Windows 7. I was only 4 hours in trying to make the printer work.


Your post really cool and interesting. Printer is UP, it’s in “ready” state but don’t print anything.

I’ve tried every DIP switch config imaginable with no luck. A big thanks all! Its working on windows 7 using old driver 3.


Thanks for your posting regarding the Epson POS printer. I think the problem is in this step: Today I was tasked to go to one of our clients in Makati to install a receipt printer Epson TM U and use a printer port-usb connector because the CPU there does not have any parallel port I think almost all modern CPUs do not have parallel ports already, at least my laptop doesn’t have one. After some playing about I found that it’s on their site and these links work I just tried the two versions mentioned in the previous posts, there may be more!

Apd304 to follow my instruction and use version. That worked a treat! About Me Bob Software Developer.