We were tired of setting up software manually, and we also recognized that we had to perform this job for our customers again and again — whether because a new server was being set up or because we published an updated version of our Archivista solution. You will be astounded just how quickly you can install an instance with ArchivistaVM. Not that we are extreme fans of this technology, but in the end we also use the ArchivistaDesktop for private activities, and most Swiss TV broadcasts can be watched beautifully using Flash. We have therefore rewritten the ArchivistaBox Scan Engine. Our Web Shop can be found at shop. A final point — you can install all 32 and bit operating systems with ArchivistaVM, including Windows instances.


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Archivisrabox, 6th November Pfaffhausen, Switzerland, 29th August By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. On the DMS smartphone, the local firewall e. Document managementopen-source.

Desktop for the ArchivistaBox

Why the differentiation between client and server? The future belongs to the smartphone. The new ArchivistaDesktop had to fulfil a multitude of requirements: Three things should be mentioned in this respect: Pfaffhausen, 10 February, First of all, the new ArchivistaDesktop behaves differently during login.


For the customers, this results in an extremely slim DMS; there is no other hardware besides the mobile phone that needs to be operated. The new ArchivistaBox Eiger is about half as high as the previous box.

Ultimately, we decided to expand the ArchivistaBox with the desktop applications we wanted. A full-blown ArchivistaBox with all the functionality is available.

ArchivistaBox: Business Solutions without Maintenance

We could successfully set up many new machines with an effort of approx. Click this link and the operating system screen instance will appear in start mode in a window see below for the TinycoreLinux start process as an example. This page was last edited on 25 Mayat Because your computer archivisatbox likely has so much capacity that it could easily replace an entire server along the way, and because you are also working on a screen — and thus with a desktop application — even if that application is only a web browser.

Document management systems Free software. Make sure when downloading from sourceforge.

The handling became increasingly more difficult. Finally, the ArchivistaBox smartphone is presented here in a short video, specifically, it is all about conveniently scanning documents. This can take a little while, depending on the size of the ISO file and the upload speed. ArchivistaBox itself was already ported to the Nokia N inbut this version never went on sale. This page was automatically translated with deepl.


Setting up OS | ArchivistaBox: Zero Maintenance DMS, ERP & Virtualization

ArchivistaBox runs on almost any hardware, but so far only under Linux. We successfully avoided this with the development of the ArchivistaBox, even though the path to that goal was sometimes more challenging.

To do this, select the? This allows you to upload an installation CD to the server.


To order a virtualised ArchivistaBox, simply select the virtualised version. All these requirements are consolidated for us in the new ArchivistaDesktop.

NetGuard can conveniently restrict access to personal data in the way that is necessary or appropriate. Archkvistabox, of course, many ArchivistaBoxes are used for both purposes.


In addition, in order to provide support we also had to ensure that we had all Windows versions in both German and English available, along with the various service packs. We could, of course, have expanded the old desktop solution; on the other hand, we had come to increasingly appreciate working with archovistabox ArchivistaBox.