Tad demands another race, this time on a much larger hill: The “Montage” song which helps Stan learn to ski quickly was revamped and used in the movie Team America: Brandon Stroud, writing for Uproxx , praised “Asspen”, saying that “I could probably write a book that tries to explain why this is the quintessential South Park episode. Browse free movies and TV series. Phil and Josh, the two Timeshare Salesmen that will not quit with their sales pitch. Even after winning, the boys are sick of Aspen and skiing.

asspen south park

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Before you do, please read them and check out some of these changes such as arbitration for disputes – see our FAQs. Aasspen its original airing “Asspen” has received acclaim from critics. Most notable is the “Montage” song that also made it into “Team America”. Unlike the South Park folks, however, they never bought anything.

Even after winning, the boys are ass;en of Aspen and skiing. Please also note that you are accessing a site which is designed for and targeted to U. After the race, however, it is revealed that Tad’s reaction of shock was actually due to the fact that, instead of breasts, the girl has two mutants growing out of her chest a reference to the film Total Recallcomplete with one of the mutants saying “Quaid, start the reactor!


asspen south park

The episode parodies several movies of the s and s, including Hot Dog During the scene of the boys eating their breakfast, a Visitor is on Kyle’s chair. A gem in a uneven South Park season. I’m not going to die He reluctantly races Tad and loses, as he expected. Trey Parker has a real talent for capturing the odd little quirks of human communication and amplifying them to absurd levels of notice-ability until they take over all other aspects of that voice.

Yes No Report this. In the subplot, the boys’ parents are coaxed into attending a minute presentation by two timeshare salesmen. Views Read Edit View history. Also when they are learning to ski, behind the instructor is a skiing Visitor. But the pitch goes on and on and on.

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Brandon Stroud, writing for Uproxxpraised “Asspen”, saying that “I could probably write a book that tries to explain why this is the quintessential South Park episode. The rights to use the song were cleared the morning the episode was set to air. Meanwhile, the boys’ parents become stuck at a meeting as two salesmen attempt to coax assprn to purchase timeshare property. Slave who is yet to be introduced. The song goes so far as to mock the concept of a montage—even assen lyrics say: Also, the 80s synth-powered anthem “Montage” plays over the montage of Stan getting better at skiing.


Thumper the Ski Instructor.

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Matt was familiar with timesharing because his parents took advantage of “free” vacation weekends in exchange for listening to a sales pitch. Tad performs his squeaky, electric guitar rendition of “Stan Darsh” at the Rec Center.

asspen south park

Retrieved February 24, Stan gets caught up in a fierce skiing competition while the boys vacation in Aspen. Stan’s battle with the obnoxious skier is an homage to the many campy movies of the 80s which pitted the “normal” guy against the “talented jerk” guy.

asspen south park

Even when asxpen parents try to forcefully leave, they keep finding themselves lured back into the pitch. Stan, you can’t let that Tad guy get to you. I know, I know, I Retrieved November 17, Ike Broflovski voice Mona Marshall