Sign up using Email and Password. This Miklor web page does a good job of explaining the driver problem and giving some helpful advice. I have tried this on both my Win 7 Pro and my Win 10 machines with exactly the same results. Active 3 years, 1 month ago. It says under the battery. I have no idea how this would work.

baofeng uv-5re software

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Baofeng Pofung UV5R VIP Software UV5R F UV5RA UV5RC UV5R+ UV5RAX

Programming with computer and software is easier, but has its problems. I was impressed with it even more.

We know you need 50 reputation points to comment, so please just wait until then before commenting. I plugged it into my Win8. Email Required, but never shown. When all 3 are programed, I baofenng set 2 up and key the mic once or twice, just to see if I did everything correct to this point.

I have no idea how this would work.

You will be a much happier Baofeng, Wouxun or Icom owner. It can cover a multitude of channels and frequencies. What setting should I be alright using?


baofeng uv-5re software

This Miklor web page does a good job of explaining the driver problem and giving some helpful advice. Have not ordered a shoulder mic yet. Why donyou want to tx on illegal bands either way? I have a Motorola that straight outbthe box works. I own 2 others and transmit fine. I have the same radio. Amateur Radio Stack Exchange is a question and baodeng site for amateur radio enthusiasts.

baofeng uv-5re software

I did get the extended battery and it lasts a long time. I currently use a Baofeng Uv-5r on the fire department I work on, this is a great little talk and receive radio. Fines minimum of 15k. Also very frequently, the new owner of such a radio finds that they cannot figure out how to program it.

The driver I have luck with is 3. I am having s hard time program my radio with Mac. I have a boafeng gt3 tp.

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Your tutorial was just what we needed to help us program it for marine use. I love taking my little Baofeng hiking. It makes sense that your handheld radio should be able to take the place of multiple radios. As are any series of uv5r except the uv5rtp the tp stands for tri power be careful baodeng sucks. If you need further assistance email me. Excellent step by step tutorial. The ports Are Bluetooth. Sign up to join this community. With regards to pinouts, use: The serial USB cable used for programming needs to have the correct drivers installed, and depending on the operating system you are using Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 ,Windows 8, etc the process can get frustrating.


Even more frustrating than the manual programming process.

baofeng uv-5re software

If I enter other freq it transmits fine.