I was only wondering if the word ‘album’ was appropriately respectful when referring to a collection of nauhas , since this word is generally associated with musical collections. All Activity Home G. Jis k dil mein Hussain as rehta hai Farsh majlis ka jo bichata hai Jo bhi nauha kahi sunata hai Lay k nam-e-Hussain as routa hai Os ko Zehra as Salam kerti hein! Nadeem Sarwar Mera Wada times, 9: Haider E Karrar Nadeem sarwar Genre: Programs For Editing Photos? Nauha Needed in General Islamic Discussion.

bara roi sakina yahan nadeem sarwar mp3

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I’ve heard that he some times uses tunes of saakina sad songs but since i dont know a lot of songs, if i listen to those nauhas and get tears in my eyez, then its totally ok for me to listen to them! Here is a past thread on him: Basically what happens is that the nauhakhuwans go to him and tell him the concept and he turns it into poetry.

bara roi sakina yahan nadeem sarwar mp3

Programs For Editing Photos? Nadeem Sarwar Abbas Meer e Karwan times, 63 6: Nadeem Sarwar went to Syria in and on chehlum. Anybody who has visited Syria before would understand exactly what this nauha is expressing.

Title : Bara Roi Sakina Yahan

I request everyone specially those who’ve criticised soo intensely to listen to these nauhas of Nadeem Sarwar of the past four years and tell me whats wrong with them: I liked Anjuman-e-Razakaran-e-Abbas though especially Zindaan key andheray They say “Buss Ya Hussain as ” with so much bharam.


We should pray to Allah swt to grant us the wisdom yahab recognize the efforts of Imam Hussain as. This is a great kalam of the Great Imam Hussain as.

bara roi sakina yahan nadeem sarwar mp3

Im sure the kid isnt shia. Pakistani Pronounciations in Off-Topic. Nadeem Sarwar Salam Ghazi Genre: Nadeem sarwar noha times, 30 0: Nadeem Sarwar Salam Ya Hussain times, 8: I also lost interest in his nauhas during the years I cant really be counted as “young children” coz im 19 now: There is no difference!

X2 Haider as k malangoun ki is dar pay qatarein hein Houroun ki farishtoun ki is dar pay qatarein hein x2 Jis jis ka bulawa hai x2 Doura chala ata hai, ABBAS as bulata hai! Havent you guyz been listening sarawr his nauhas since the past couple of years??

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If any thing is not new, it will be from any old song. Zindabad Ya Hussain a. Nadeem Sarwar Meri Sakina times, 6: He cant write everything on his own. Nadeem Sarwar’s famous Noha “Maa mujhay senay say laga lay, Maa mujhay godee main utha lay, Maa main nazay par hoon” was release inin his 20th album.


Sign In Sign Up. Salaam For quite a few years, I have been listening to comments made by people against Nadeem Sarwar. Nadeem Sarwar and all other nauhakhuwans.

Nadeem Sarwar – Bara Roi Sakina Yahan – video dailymotion

Let me know if u need it. ReligionChaudhary Hsn 0 times, 0 Oh god, Sunnis doing Nohas – oh god listen to those links man, oh man this is so worng, is it supposed to make us cry: I’ve downloaded some online videos clips through realplayer and I want to join them all coz all of them are of very less duration.

Nadee Activity Home G.

bara roi sakina yahan nadeem sarwar mp3