If you check through the books I have read you will see this is very much not up my alley an alley populated by dragons, space ships, and histories. Massoumeh, the narrator, is controlled by her family. Hamid turned out to be a revolutianary. Awesome storryteller, my deepest applause to Parinush Sanii. Also, if you’ve asked the reader to go through this journey with your protagonist, you need to give us a good pay-off and this book does the exact opposite. What will happen to Hamid, her husband?

cel care ma asteapta parinoush saniee

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However, it seems that the author has a love for bringing her characters’ lives full circle, because the same thing happens in the other book I read. This was an issue that was exacerbated in the other book I had read. Or was I always part of the destiny that ruled the lives of the men in my life, all of whom asheapta sacrificed me at the altar of their beliefs and objectives?

Lastly, I loved the character development of Massoumeh.

Cel care mă așteaptă by Parinoush Saniee

It was an easy-read. Indeed, renaming it to ‘The Book of Fate’ takes away somewhat from the central theme of the book, since it is a short way from fate to fatalism.

Often, the use of terms as simple as ‘mum’ and ‘aubergines’, when out of suitable context, turns the narrative into a certain Americanization that lacks authenticity or feeling. Massoumeh, the narrator, is controlled by her family.


cel care ma asteapta parinoush saniee

She becomes the hollow idol everyone views her as. This is a very important factor in the failure of such ideas catching on, whether in popular movements or in academic circles all around the world today.

Parinoush Saniee – Wikipedia

My father and brothers sacrificed me the sake of their honour, my husband sacrificed me for his ideologies and goals, and I paid the price for my sons’ heroic gestures and patriotic duties. On a larger level Iranian society also suffers from being controlled. Massumeh’s brothers; Mahmoud, Ahmad and Ali; represent the various forms of patriarchal oppression in the book: The Book of Fate is an account of 50 years of Iranian history told through the voice of Massoumeh, a woman who lives through massive socio-political changed and personal hardships.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Will she be able to pursue the education her brilliance deserves? History class never caught my attention in school. Anyway, a must read! This book is quite something, the only thing that bothered me a bit was the length of it. Her best friend urges her on.

cel care ma asteapta parinoush saniee

There is a lot more to be said about this book, so if you don’t mind spoilers, follow below: This is something she particularly encourages in her eldest son, Siamak, whom she fears will follow in his father’s footsteps, a father he idolizes as a hero.

Her self sacrifice was painful to bear, I also loved her lifetime friendship with Parvaneh. Hamid hangs out with his revolutionary friends cafe there is no outlet for political organization. Its psrinoush a good, sad, nice, true-ish story.


Cel care mă așteaptă

Massoud was the most disappointing out of everyone. Complex and easy to name it intense, the story will make you read it in one go. He had blisfully modern ideas, but left his family alone a lot to pursue his own ideals.

They destroyed all that and forced her to marry a man she had never seen.

Cel care mă așteaptă (eBook)

She encourages independent thought, steers them away from her religious brother, and allows them to marry whomever they choose. To view it, click here. The original title, Sahm-e-manwhich translates into “my share” describes this book more accurately: It’s not a book for boys but it’s a book for strong and determined women and I just can’t find my words to describe this amazing If I were to draw a painting, I would draw birds because they are free but they can’t reach the universe.

He shows no attachment to them because they are not part of his cause. They are horrified and think only how the marriage will affect them.

cel care ma asteapta parinoush saniee