Though some issues with the Morph prevented me from making this hero as great as it was in the first draft, I’ve decided to submit it and hope for the best. Eredar Diabolist Creates a powerful demon that summons invulnerable felguards from nearby corpses to attack your enemies. Hero Contest [Palaslayer] v. Skeleton Rider can awaken the nearby dead unit will. There is a small chance that some of those weeds pull the units into the ground and to kill them on that way. Jun 1, Messages: Greetings cerebrates, our Swarm needs new spawners that will have numerous children.

centaur grove .w3x

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Hero Contest – TwistedMeadows. Feb 16, Messages: Weeds grove from earth instantly catching nearby hostile units and it squeezes them, draining their life by 30 per second.

Centaur Grove .w3x: Download

Causes 25 damage per second to every unit, disolves into 20 parts, can hit flying units. Colour outside the lines! If a missile hits an enemy it will deal damage and destroy mana. KingzCebtaur 30, Enchanted Weapon Each attack made is enhanced with living flames that cling to the target.

centaur grove .w3x

Come and see what you can come up with. Level 2 – Deals damage. When he touched the surface of the tree he was healed and blessed and he felt that he was changed.


Level 3 – Deals 25 direct damage, reduces movement speed by 9 and deals 5 damage per second for 10 seconds. Now, Kraneia was deathly injured and when she saw how the last leaf of hers tree falls down, she died.

Torrent Centaur Grove .w3x

Mar 5, Messages: Level 1 – 85 damage, jumps 4 times. Net to test it, making him diverse, being able to lead full on attacks, or assault a large base on his own, using his Ultimate ability to slip by defences and plant explosives wherever he likes.

centaur grove .w3x

Map was made by Blizzard Entertainment – Emerald Garden. The Centar Minion has hit points, deals 15 – 20 damage and lasts 30 seconds.

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Level 3 – Deals 40 damage every second, and increase damage all damage done to this target by Against his will he was thrown into a vulcan to still the gods. Click here to customize your rank or read our User Rank Policy to see a list of ranks that you can unlock.

Each jump deals less damage. Cowardice Like any cowardly Kobold, the Stonebreaker can and most likely will run in fear, this ability allows the hero to simply run faster. Weak in health they are else given more magical supstance then other strength heroes. So many trove is fail and create a Death Knight without flesh nor Dark Energy. Skeleton Rider connect the targeted area to Netherworld.


centaur grove .w3x

Level 2 – Deploys 4 mines. The Lord of Darkness summons a greater skeleton with base hit points, 20 – 30 base damage and a Sinister Aura.

Karas, the Dark Lord This is my final entry: Now he is finished and only a bit tuning may hapen but no radical changes. She summons immovable tree, which will heal Kraneia’s allies for 12 hp per second and damage nearby enemies by releasing it’s poison from it’s leaves. The Golem Show Abilities. Jun 16, Messages: M4stahJun centwur, Level 2 – 75 damage max.

Go cast your vote for your favourite genie! Leaf after leaf, age after age, until