Your username or email address: Most likely they are a lot of people who just made small programs like this out there that just look for MD5 and other simple ways. Do you already have an account? Dec 8, Posts: By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Every idea starts out somewhere. Log in or Sign up.


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Though this is completely not what I wanted, serj apparently got impatient and decided to release the program without my approval, and now he got it all screwed up, what I wanted was original graphics for the program. Jan 4, Posts: Yes, my password is: If you ckvirosoft a better look at that guy, you would wonder that it’s mostly everything like he’s cloning accounts.

Covirosoft Antivirus

They may covirowoft be great but some people do it as a hobby. Men its a rogue. CloudMay 16, I will be honest one day I had nothing to do so I wrote a small scanner tool just for me for fun.



Script Kiddie made software like CoviroSoft etc; Should it be removed? Dec 8, Posts: So maybe someone wants to send an email to them and get their opinion.

A demonstration covirosfot the developer hxxp: This site uses cookies to help personalise covirlsoft, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Something’s wrong with the WOT rating. Second it is hosted on Softpedia, I am pretty sure Softpedia does do malware checks.

Imperfect software made imperfect humans. If you take a good look in files, it’s just dumb MD5 database hash scanning. Just tell me everything what’s mostly can be done with this to prove that so-called software is actually not even useful.


Coirosoft time he tried to make Robo AntiVirus search about it. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. There’re over loads of those fake antiviruses, and now those 10 year old kids make removal stuff which is actually useless and make even more problems for anti-malware teams. What makes using a live.

Jun 28, Posts: Hello coivrosoft, I’m one of the CoviroSoft administrators and I’d like to explain a few things. Feb 1, Posts: People make really stupid stuff on Youtube, don’t you agree?


CoviroSoft software updates and reviews: CoviroSoft Antivirus, etc.

CloudMay 25, WOT is blocking the site, and the product’s website covirooft also being filtered by one of the lists I used in peerblock. IE9 also labeled ZenOK on its blacklist at first, and also warned me about downloading Zillya some while ago.

IbradMay 25, Hey everyone, Now I am not supporting or going against this product, I honestly have never tried it but I do have a question for y’all. And when were AVs perfect?

CoviroSoft Antivirus Download (Free) – CoviroSoft

When was rogue-looking AVs not rogues? I’m not that stupid ” maybe u r i dont know.

I don’t know if this looks kinda like I’m doing some abuse, if it does, my bad. Nov 6, Posts: May 24, Posts: