Before we can visualize anything, we need some data to visualize. Awesome, I appreciate your help so much! We are almost done with our first example. After we get through this example, you can play around with the changing value of margin, and see how it affects the chart layout. Last callback is reduceInitial , which creates an empty group element when a new group is needed. We are explicitly setting chartWidth , chartHeight , margin and chartHeightWithoutMargin , so we have those settings defined in one place.

crossfilter js

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Sign up using Email and Password. The second is reduceRemovewhich controls what happens when we remove something from group array. Work Blockchain Marketing Development. Stack Croesfilter works best with JavaScript enabled. Built-in reduceCount function only returns count, which we can effectively use, but we need year and season in the value as well in the grouped result.

It does work if I call a function to explicitly do so, but I would like to avoid that. What were you trying to do there? Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: The only difference between them is orientation.

crossfilter js

Either you have your own idea and you want to consult with our experts or you just want to share your opinion, feel free to Contact Us. I had this working long ago, but as the project became more complex, something broke along the way.


After we load every row into one big array, we pass it off into what I call DashboardComponent. Which looks like this. So what is that group we were talking about above?

If you are just interested in the demo or you want to know if this article is worth it, check it out here. Which brings the array of thousands and thousands crowsfilter entries to just 51 elements which we will use crosfsilter display data in our chart.


We just pass our group data to the line, and then we can execute code to see the result. We’d need more code or preferably a running example to diagnose this without a lot of guessing. In mouseover we need to show the tooltip, for which we are using showTooltip method, where we send content as a first argument or text that will be displayed inside the tooltip.

Before we can visualize anything, we need some data to visualize.

crossfilter js

What is a line chart? It would be nice if dc. So for the vertical axis or number of crossfiltfr axis, we know the minimum value is 0. Along the way, I added a bigger dataset, and then I went into the Crossfilter territory when grouping large data sets.

Earthquake Data Discovery using dc.js, crossfilter, d3.js and bootstrap

In first two lines of method, we create both D3 axes by using d3. In our use case, that range will be the number of pixels available for the chart. Before we start anything with data we need to create a basic HTML structure that will hold all of our charts.


This will serve as containers for charts that we will create with D3. First parameter is delimiter of.

– DC js charts, crossfilter not filtering on click – Stack Overflow

To actually draw generated axes on our chart, first, we use already known append function of our chart, and append group element. So if we want to transform numbers saved as strings to Javascript Number, we use plus operator, which casts it to Crossfilher.

The last parameter is a callback which receives the raw parsed row of a. If you noticed, in both showTooltip and hideTooltip there is a call to createTooltipIfDoesntExistvrossfilter simply checks if tooltipContainer exists, and if not, it creates it for use.

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Our chart line and our chart points.