The DIR comes in many “flavors” hardware revisions or versions. Thu Jun 07, 8: Paste as plain text instead. Hit browse, point to the file, hit upgrade and wait. Prior to the flash, I backup my traff data. Anyhow, once I decided flashing the M10 was definitely the way I wanted to go, the big question was what version to flash.

dd-wrt build 19327

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dd-wrt build 19327

Aug Read it! Obtain the latest firmware for your revision from D-Link’s support site for your region.

According with the search i made i think this is the last version with openvpn working. AES on both bulld and provided signals [same key]. You have been warned.

Technicus stultissimus: Cisco Valet routers and DD-WRT

Thu Jun 07, 8: It is already there not possible for june traff data to be present with a march backup. From the router’s Emergency Room Web interface.

dd-wrt build 19327

SSH is fine now, key is taken. I just enabled DDNS let’s see what happens.

When it’s finished check out the build date in the upper right corner to make sure it updated. Anyone else seen this, or have any ideas how to enable wireless?


Please attempt to refrain from using random prefix generation as its used might be reserved for other uses ABCD: It is much more stable now.

dd-wrt build 19327

Thu Jun 07, I dr-wrt NOT do a reset. Here is the link where you can find the limitation and recommendations: Going back to Is there anyone else experiencing this?

D-Link Forums

I say theoretically, because practically if the router is not completely fried, you should be able to flash the factory firmware back and chances are no-one will tell the difference.

The M series is just like the E series afaik. The only thing you can really do is flash a different build and see if it is any more stable than the previous.

Cisco m10 ddd-wrt at n speeds.

This problem is also present with bhild. Professional Support Community Contact. I plan to try installing one of these builds on an M10 later tonight, and will post with my results. October 11, Intro Hello everyone, Reading this forum one can only reach one conclusion – that people are unhappy with the factory firmware supplied by D-Link for its DIR routers.


Last, a final I have done everything as shown on airvpn on setting it up and can’t figure it out. There is a dd-wrt page that details how to recover from a bad firmware flash.

Still hold the reset button for another 30 secs. From what I understand after the initial flash of the dd-wrt. Closing socket Works much better than the wireless-N Usb vuild I was using. WDS requires some config on both the main AP and the repeater bridge, so this solution only works well when you have access to both AP’s.