By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But on its official website, it seems still being actively maintained. There was the unit FastMM4 in one of the examples – just delete it from the uses clause. I have tried the suggestions from here: And then, if it works, migrate it forward as necessary.

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I have successfully used that solution ever since. If you or anyone else uses this file, it would be nice for you to post a response to this thread so others know of your success. Posted November 20, Seam Carving Recently I also wrote an implementation of seam carving, that uses delpui Graphics32 library. Good news for you: Has anyone else found a way to get Graphics32 to work on Cocoa for Mac?

So, I am unable to answer further questions about installing or using GR32 because, basically I’m just a “script kiddie” with this. Computer Math and Games in Pascal. Thanks for all the help. That’s a good question, David. Graphicx32 the faature I didn’t found in alternative library a. However you may find new information from one of the people on https: Sign In Sign Up.


Good Question, i have not seen any changes there. Since this snapshot of GR32 is quite old, it may contain missing features or bugs that have been fixed in the current github version. Julius7 New Member Posts: So for traphics32 I can only release a lite version, which does not contain any optimizations nor comments.

What’s the state of Graphics32 in a cross-platform sense these days?

I use GR32 in modern releases of Delphi daily! Copy of package Dir XE8 do Tokio 2. Sign up for a new account in our community. DelphiFree Pascal. Recently I also wrote an implementation of seam carving, that uses the Graphics32 library. Everyone who decides to donate for the project will receive the full code immediately. I am providing this file to “pay it forward” and “pay it backward. For my needs there was all there in sourceforge.

Graphics32 – General Help – Delphi-PRAXiS [en]

For example, you know for each layer the “paint” procedure will be called twice, first for calculate the area being updated, and the second chance is for actual rendering. Lazarus Handbook preview only.


Years ago, I faced the same frustrating struggle as you are: You can try to contact the developer for more information. Graphics32 provides fast operations for pixels and graphic primitives and is almost a hundred times faster in per-pixel and about 2—5 times faster in drawing lines access than the standard components by Embarcadero which are wrappers for the Windows GDI. Grzphics32 a new account. What am I missing? They added some fixes and changes compared to the official version on SourceForge.

I failed at that when I tried. I am one of those people. At least for the game itself; the editing tools only need to run on Windows and Mac so I can stick with Graphics32 for them.