ABOUT file for this package. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. That are really great news! The same failure I can verify occurs from Dojo 1. Get Dojo Documentation Many improvements have been made to the Dojo documentation.

dojo toolkit 1.5.1

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Changelog Best Zopfli parameters so far: Workarounds for cross-domain loading of most Dojo packages are provided though this requires a specialized build of Dojo.

dojo toolkit 1.5.1

If the bug report and blog are accurate, the Dojo version shipped with 9. Something wrong with this page? Clicking a node will also select it, but not clicking the expando plus-sign.

List of widget toolkits. Many have commented that Dojo seems difficult to learn and 15.1 started with, especially in comparison with the more popular jQuery. Free and open-source software portal.

Dojo Release Notes — The Dojo Toolkit – Reference Guide

Startpage Dojo Dijit DojoX. The Definitive Guide 1st ed. Dkjo me when this APAR changes. This allows all necessary code toolkkit be loaded and initialized at once, and permits caching of the code most web browsers do not cache files loaded via XMLHttpRequest [ citation needed ].


Retrieved 19 October The plugin highlights makes visiblevia css what is an anchor in the page. Themes can specify arbitrary fills, including linear and radial gradients.

dojo toolkit 1.5.1

Good parameters are greenbad are red. I only played around with the number of blocks parameter -n: Seven Foot Tall Cactus.

Some functions from dijit have been moved to dojo core with stubs left in dijit for backwards compatibility. Most recent activity on June 16, Retrieved August 15, A number of books have been written about Dojo, but all based upon Dojo 1.

Dojo Toolkit

Dojo also provides a mechanism toolklt building “profiles”; the build system takes as input a list of packages, and uses Rhino to create a single compressed JavaScript file containing those packages and all their dependencies.

If you are subclassing AccordionContainer or doing something else related to the internals of AccordionContainer you may need to update your code.

dojo toolkit 1.5.1

Installing 1.51 instructions are available at dojotoolkit. One important feature of Ajax applications is asynchronous communication of the browser with the server: You can move nodes between containers without using the avatar.


Currently best Zopfli settings Save bytes by using my Dojo 1. This is a serious issue for any apps build on anything prior to 1. As usual dojo is API backwards-compatible with previous 1. The DOH test suite of tens of thousands of tests passes dojp all officially supported browsers:.

Dojo 1.6 Released!

Size Improvement Parameters Found bytes -3 bytes zopfli –i –mls16 –bsr22 –lazy –ohh December 2, It helps to arrange the order of asynchronous operations the ones that return dojo.

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