July 13, at 2: Threads for this page. If the sim doesn’t work must be for some other reason settings or whatever. I’m running XP, have tried this on two machines and am wondering what I’m doing wrong. Found out what the issue was. There was an upgrade for this existing customer!

e5830 3 wifi manager

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I run this on vista with microsoft security essentials as antivirus turned off real time protectionbut not getting the unlock buton. July 8, at 9: Could you post it? Share Posted by Zibri at 5: Thank you very much for your help.

3 Mobile Huawei E5830 Mobile WiFi Device

I’m not answering to emails asking things already stated in the post or in comments. I can’t promise anything and I am still evaluating if make it donation based or a paid application for a small fee. What should i do please help?

I remember having trouble with the software installing when I first got the dongle a conflict with previous dongle I think July 23, at 6: It doesn’t work on e September 14, at 7: Mine is Es with the LCD display on it w5830 By mistake I updated with wrong firmware at time of nanager it stuck and then it’s says update fail and then now I can’t even start the modem no display even when I connect to computer no sign what to do now can u suggest?? Left by Tiggybear on Oct 17, 1: You have to run my program then buy a code from the explorer window my program opens.


Zibri’s Blog: Free HUAWEI E Unlock Released!

In this way it should work like a stick or i. I wanted to unlock it to every network as I am going abroad and will need to use a foreign sim card but I don’t know which one yet.

Hi will the program be available for MAC as well soon? Hence, even though you might be able to browse properly, games might managdr, lag, or experience connection drops.

e5830 3 wifi manager

May 14, at 4: June 28, at 3: Also, why don’t you have an about me section on your blog? You can then use this just like any other USB storage device.

June 2, at Hi, This question is probably premature, but do you have any idea whether your unlock will work with the new e device 3 are about to sell? September 20, at 7: I have no idea what to do there, but will keep digging away.

Huawei E5 (E, E, E, i-Mo) – 3G modem wiki

Now everything is fixed and tested on a lot of computers. That’s why my program believed it was unlocked. A mad design and hopefully fixable in Firmware – anyone know if you can get a firmware update? I unlocked a EG earlier with no hassles Wufi you have any thoughts?.



Hi, can anyone send me a zip file with ths software contents of their device please? Alternatively you can download a generic version of a Ex-supporting Mobile Partner from here.

Hi, the message says unlocked in my e I will be buying the creative charger as suggested above as i really need this on constantly. Thanks Z Id prefer not to put my email in public managfr I can email you directly if you wish with my details Thanks.

e5830 3 wifi manager

October 30, at 5: