Picture quality is superb provided you stay within range of the Tivizen, and that range is reasonable. Thanks to the WLAN the device can be moved without worrying about entangling cables. This tiny box is extremely mobile thanks to its integrated battery, and we will explore the potential of this device in our review. Will update my review on the just announced software update when I’ve tried it. Description Turn your iPad or iPhone into a portable television! Thanks to the integrated battery the device can run for more than 3 hours at a time. This is great news for most users as this will let them use a single DVB-T stick for all their devices.

elgato tivizen software

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Elgato Tivizen review | TechRadar

Of course, the television program providers and radio stations available depend on the region the user lives in. This scenario is applicable to lounging in the garden, or relaxing at the sea. DVB-T on the air. One thing the Tivizen app lacks is the ability to browse the EPG while still watching a particular channel.

This tiny box is extremely mobile thanks to its integrated battery, and we will explore the potential of this device in our review. Back to School But since the hardware’s the same, the flaws we encountered with the tizi remain, notably that you can’t connect an external aerial. The glossy surface can quickly become dirty.


elgato tivizen software

Tivizen does not require an internet connection and gives you unlimited TV without touching your data plan. After the installation, the user will need to connect the Tivizen to the wireless network This review covers how the whole lot works together, app plus hardware tuner unit.

Against Can’t connect to external aerial. The range of the device is about 15 elgago. Picking a provideror configuring a set time for when the device should connect to the provider, will lead the user to the video archive. The device runs flawlessly even with Windows 7.

Elgato Tivizen review

In reality, though, you either have to flick through the channels one by one or close the viewer. An adapter for the use or charging of the device is not included in the delivery.

elgato tivizen software

Wireless TV transmission to iPad and co. Tizi has a nice surface. Valupsthe hardware manufacturer, usually offers alternative colors for their devices, but Equinux and Elgato seem to be exceptions to this rule. I’d give it 4.

But in others, it couldn’t find a single channel. It’s very similar to the equinux tiziwith only the software setting them apart. Signal permitting, it’s fine for student digs or a hotel room. The power supply softwwre handled by the battery, but can also be provided by elgaho USB cable with an adapter not included in delivery or a computer. Although most of the specifications of the new device are identical to that of the tizi, the Elgato Tivizen has more features to offer.


In some places, the Tivizen’s little antenna gave us high-quality Freeview. However, this may be a flaw only found in our test model, as the antenna of the Equinux tizi was secure. Had one now for a month and use it with both iPad and iPhone and it works well. The tizi App seems much more chic, easy-to-use and extensive than Elgato’s software but it does serve the purpose. The main difference between the two devices is the compatibility with Windows PCs offered by the Tivizen.

UI is user friendly. Like all mini tuners it needs a reasonable signal area to work best but I’ve been surprised at just how many TV stations it can pick up.

Using the DVB-T signal with multiple devices is currently not possible.

EyeTV Tivizen Free Download

In this respect, it’s inferior to the tizi’s app. The software for the device can be downloaded directly from the Elgato website using the download card. Once the search is completed, the available services are listed in a clear menu.