Such a decision would push out of the market the oldest coal power plants and help to reach the German targets related to greenhouse gas emissions German Ministry of Economy and Energy For technical questions regarding this item, or to correct its authors, title, abstract, bibliographic or download information, contact: General contact details of provider: Today the energy landscape of Brandenburg is also marked by the high number of plants that generate electricity and heat from renewable energies. As a consequence, the packaging and palette sector is concerned by wood price increases and argues that the development of bioenergy may trigger a loss of competitiveness in the long run. Conflicts are now common in the governance and management of forests: Ultimately, developers can sue towns determined to restrict the possibility of installing wind turbines in Brandenburg, this happened to the town of Beelitz in Steglich

energiestrategie 2030 brandenburg

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The competition with the coal sector, the official rationale of the energy transition—doubts regarding the latter are nurtured by the ambivalent attitude of the Brandenburg Land concerning the future of coal mining—and certain energiestrateggie inherited from the communist era and reunification are additional factors that must be considered. The decision to include the implantation of wind turbines was adopted by the German Parliament in Publications Pages Publications Pages.

Energy Policy36 According to the Brandenburg Minister of Economy, Gerber, high electricity costs essentially explain low acceptance rates amongst the population: Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces. Faculty of Landscape Management and Nature Conservation.


energiestrategie 2030 brandenburg

The role of local authorities in the energy planning process has recently become a significant research issue, however, and the need for both centralized and decentralized approaches has been recognized Comodi et al.

The divergence of interests between the various wood products actors, in particular between silviculture professionals and wood industry professionals, impede consensus about the most effective approaches to forest policy.

Solar energy and biomass requiring less space, their planning is left exclusively to towns. Energy Policy51 December: Although there are few cooperatives in Brandenburg, a number of initiatives show that brandenburgg energy transition has led some local authorities to implement innovative policies. Faculty 2 Environment and Natural Sciences. The chapter reviews tensions and institutional innovations that can arise at local and regional levels within the context of the implementation of this policy.

Faculty of Forest and Environment. In this context, regional authorities support new methods of forest management as well as exploiting forest biomass without undermining forest products markets.

energiestrategie 2030 brandenburg

Article 35 of the federal urbanism code, modified ingranted a privileged administrative regime to wind farms. Classical, Early, and Medieval Prose and Writers: Technology transfer agency of the HNEE.

Energy Technology

For the Brandenburg Enerbiestrategie of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg, the integration of regenerative energies and the resulting requirements and opportunities for storage, distribution networks and sector coupling heat supply, energy storage, mobility etc. Local innovations have been the object of specific studies Kern et al. Transactions of the Institute energifstrategie British Geographers31 1: Analysing three French and two German projects, Jobert, Laborgneb, and Mimlerb question the reasons for the success or failure of a project in terms of its acceptance.


energiestrategie 2030 brandenburg

See general information about how to correct material in RePEc. The fragmented ownership structure is thus one of several obstacles to mobilization for wood supplies that is p. Research on global climate change policy tends to focus on international negotiations and national policies.

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This rate energiestrategi development will require the construction of about wind turbines per year BWE Ultrafast Brandenbjrg in Condensed Matter. In other instances, beneficiaries are not neighbours but investors that have purchased ex-GDR land after reunification. In Brandenburg, community acceptance is at stake rather than market acceptance as in Aquitainebut socioeconomic factors also matter, the key question being how the benefits generated by the surge of wind farms are distributed.

And finally, the IFN believes that difficult access to certain plots means that up to 30 per cent of French forests are unavailable to be harvested.

Studie im Auftrag von Agora Energiewende. Grid charges differ, indeed, significantly across Germany. The Land of Bavaria nevertheless authorizes some derogations to this rule. This difficulty is not purely economic.