You are commenting using your Facebook account. The intention here was to keep the controller protected, and to shorten the length of CAT5 needed to connect the sprinkler controller to my LAN. The scheduler is up and running. EtherRain controllers purchased directly from QuickSmart are covered by a six month limited warranty and a 21 day trial period is included within our standard purchasing terms. Comprehensive log entries notify you of command or command delivery errors. Multiple quick cycles can now be defined and saved providing easier off-schedule irrigation, especially when using a smartphone.


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EtherRain Networked Sprinkler Controllers

From the terminal window while eherrain your Downloads directory, type: I’ll post here and provide a link when it’s ready. He was a super nice guy and I am sure would help you with your project.

Ethedrain your irrigation application includes a master valve or requires a pump control output the EtherRain 7P controller is required. If the orange launch button does not appear and you don’t want to update Java, you may try to launch by clicking here. Lawncheck continues gaining new users and now serves customers on 5 continents!

EtherRain valve controller Scripts – HomeSeer Message Board

EtherRain is addressed by name, so you don’t have to worry about complex network addressing. If you are a HomeSeer 2 developer I can provide a unit to you at a developers program price. I’m not sure if these scripts can be extended with other available control plugins like maybe the “sprinkler plugin” to provide a more convenient interface.


The code does not carry a copyright. EtherRain controllers purchased directly from QuickSmart are covered etherain a six month limited warranty and a 21 day trial period is included within our standard purchasing terms. See below for ftherrain information. You have two options: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Requires a local rain sensor.


For Desktop Linux with Web Start. EtherRain can be used on an Ethernet network, wired or wireless. We’d like to say thanks to all LawnCheck users and special thanks to those who contributed ideas and suggestions throughout the year. After Luup has restarted reload the UI.

EtherRain Admin is still benefitical for use with Rev C controllers for purposes of finding network discovery and testing. In looking through the available plug-ins it looks like there are products with quite a broad range of features, ethegrain have to decide if the EtherRain device would provide a benefit to your customers compared to currently available solutions.

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If you have any questions or need further etherain, please contact us: Each of these scheduling servers provide their own unique benefits. You may pay the invoice at your convenience up to the expiration date of the quote.


Internet Irrigation/Sprinkler Control

Hi Jim, I noticed your “” area code. In addition EtherRain hardware and internal software was designed with reliability as the number one design criteria. Open the newly created device’s control panel wrench button and go to Advanced. Using the non-sudo form places a working application icon on the desktop, etherraib the window layouts are not optimal. All of these are accessible from the plug-in main page.

EtherRain, Lawncheck, and Mi Casa Verde | Affordable Home Automation with Z-wave

Users will then be able to use the HS2 event building process to implement customized schedules using their controller names and cycle names and then maintain the events through the web pages. Information Links and Downloadable Documents:. EtherRain units have been working in the field for over 2 years. ethwrrain

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