Originally developed by Beijing Rising Technology Ltd, rav. Could you explain “how-it-works” how non resident software could prevent read “autorun” files? It is possible — mark vaccinated autorun. I spread this tool for everyone! What would you think about this? Otherwise please get in touch with them and let me know if it’s been fixed.

evosla rav

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The price is certainly right. Perhaps an ecosla with the option to run as a standalone or as an auto start. Also, I think if there would be a easy way icon? If you have vaccinated your external hard drive, the only way you can remove it is formatting it.

evosla rav

I decided this problem by editing Windows registry in WinXP: It work fine and vaccined the USB drives. Thanks for the comment.

How to remove vaccination from usb with NTFS formatted??? When vaccinated the machine: What do you have to lose besides a little time? Hi ebosla I have found this software very usefull — when is the next version out the will work with removeble hard drives etc?


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Good day, I vacinated my computer and the usb drive. Paulo Ravaiano Just use Linux to remove the autorun. Avast Free Antivirus is a suite. The safest way is to disable its autorun. Products Testing the new zero day vulnerability in Excel View Post. Thanks for your comment! I could not run repair and had no restore point so I ended up rebuilding. A very good tool!!!

Thanks for your program Please send answer to my email… Thanks again. How Can I Do this? Basically no functionality until you buy it. The difference lies in the name and only in the name. A different type of tool ,maybe a command line tool to prevent access to files other than autorun. It’s light and cheaper than others and has some nice extras. Is there a more practical solution to do this?

We do have an internal version with NTFS support and will release this as soon as its ready.


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One other question, you mention the USB drive is permanently changed. Hi I have selected to show all system files, on my memory stick I have a autorun. However that’s not enough for vaccinating individual USB drives.

I mean any process of USBvaccine is not running, no vaccinate any drive. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really liked reading your blog posts.

Will i have to format evoska usb drive to remove it?

evosla rav

Its input parameters are the following:. Kharmin, you might be experiencing a different problem. When I opened usbvaccine 1.

evosla rav