Liked the minimal interface. I like to enter for this program, as I have to move a lot of movie and music files between my desktop and laptop, count me in thanks Avi. See what I mean, I just used this word to prevent you from thinking forward Waiting is not an action. I do lots of copy paste operations every day.. Please count me in for the giveaway as I always wanted to have this. Cory Gordon Link Reply.

extremecopy 2.0.5 pro full version

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A configuration screen is also available, holding options such as copy data buffer size, maximum failed files in list, verify data after the task comes to an end and play a sound when all files are copied. Count me in for the Pro version, Thank You. When the errors appear in the copying process, the program will Ask You, will retry, will ignore or abandon the process.

extremecopy 2.0.5 pro full version

I want to win in order to clean up the mess in the end on my computer. It is really powerful product…Please Count me in! I hope to win a license for the pro version as it is much faster than the free one and would help me save some time.

extremecopy 2.0.5 pro full version

I am interested in fast and qualitative is moved or copied data. ExtremeCopy support copying data. But enough with talks. When you want copy large files you need Extreme Copy. Extrsmecopy, it is a great copy tool what I ever used. Have to keep on transfering data from school into Pc and many a times have to copy movies for relatives or recopy to pc and burn them. Thanks and Merry Christmas to all.


ExtremeCopy Portable was reviewed by Extremecooy Popa.

ExtremeCopy Free Download for Windows 10, 8 and 7 –

Tran Nhat Vuong Link Reply. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I want to win a pro-license because I think that the pro-version full much faster than the standard-free.

April 7th, – Trial. Are you bored to wait a lot of time for copying and moving your files from your computer to an external USB flash drive or directly from a Local Disk to other?

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You can download both ExtremeCopy Standard or Pro trial from this page. Please count me in thanks. Simplix UpdatePack 7 ExtremeCopy Portable is a freeware tool developed to help users copy files much faster than with the standard Windows utility.

Unless you are in haste or copy large files frequently, perhaps your need for task copier will always be minimum.

ExtremeCopy Pro Review and License Key Giveaway

SambasivaRao Extrrmecopy Link Reply. Stop wasting time trying to move huge files in hours, use this fantastic tool and all will be done in few seconds.


I say it was interesting despite the result should have been obvious hypothetically, I felt there was something tricky underneath. Oro review is Done by our Forum Member Corker. In exchange for this, we get new entry within our context menu, Extreme Paste or Windows Paste, parallel to the mode we have chosen. I would like to have ExtremeCopy to be able to move files to different drives, like Office files, programs, videos and mp3 files, this will make my job a lot easier.

I hope to win this one to finally get rid of standard windows copy routine. Love to get the license. You will configure these options from the interface in few seconds.

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Reviewing ExtremeCopy reminds me of some people saying that waiting is the most boring action in the world. Backup4all Pro Review and License key Giveaway. Count me in of course.