Other users may have no choice but to use older hardware provided by a workplace. Asentaaksesi suomen kielen tuen TenFourFox Retrieved from ” https: We speak your language. TenFourFox parle ta langue. Posted by ClassicHasClass at Here’s a trivial example.

firefox tenfourfox

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More languages in development! He founded MacStories in April and has been writing about Apple since. Only minor ESR updates were advertised as suitable for general consumption. As for the requirements:.

TenFourFox: A fork of Mozilla Firefox ESR 24 for the Power Macintosh and Mac OS X Tiger PowerPC

All in all, the Mac Mini can still access nearly all the Internet, except for one site that freezes TFF — I wonder if it’s the graphic card that is not fast enough or else On the flip side, I was able to find and fix several parser edge cases because Bugzilla itself was triggering them and the source file that was involved was not minified.

I’ll make reasonable attempts to keep it working, but things can break at any time, and it is possible that it will stay broken for good and be removed from the UI if data structures or the protocol change in a way I can’t control for. Club MacStories will help you discover the best apps for your devices and get the most out of your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. If you are in an environment where your network may be tampered with, we recommend using another computer for the initial download or manually verifying the download with cryptographic hashes.


I unchecked uBlock and uMatrix lists auto-updates which I suppose were happening at launch. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Discover New Mac Apps.

TenFourFox Development

In DecemberKaiser declared TenFourFox would move away directly from Firefox source code with 45 ESR, citing an inability to port later versions due to operating system and Tenfkurfox compiler limitations. Flag images except Asturian are courtesy the IconDrawer. I bet the SSD is making a huge difference — and Leopard has probably its guilt too Blah blah insecure blah blah unused blah blah maintenance blah blah web everything. I was forced to update to the last version because my insurance company’s website stopped working with v Back to TFF Intel-based Macintoshes are not supported.

I volunteer for a group that refurbishes donated computers for benevolent causes around the world. Asentaaksesi suomen kielen tuen TenFourFox May 11, at 9: The font blacklist has been updated A correctness fix in the AltiVec text scanning code has been implemented Additional hosts have been added to the built-in adblock.

firefox tenfourfox

Free and open-source software portal. Bookmarks Extensions Privacy mode Sync.


Run Firefox 4 on a PowerPC Mac with TenFourFox

Beta 8 now available”. Since this is syndicated on Planet Mozilla let me give a big thanks to Ted Campbell for figuring out the root cause, which turned out to be a long-standing problem I don’t think anyone ever noticed before.

But when it comes to real life testing, it’s another story: I’ve done some tests on my G4, including html5test. There is always the risk of system instability, data loss or security compromise. One of our four versions is just right for your particular Power Mac.


This page is here for gits and shiggles. What is it with these people?

firefox tenfourfox

Now, with its RAM maxed out, TFF’s built-in basic adblock alone is the overall best choice — if you don’t mind trackers, etc. The last 32 bits build of Chromium is Mac users love tenfourflx reliable their computers are. TenFourFox is free software, “as is” without warranty of any kind, including merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.