The first having an interesting bass line, but not really much besides that. This is one of the points in the albums where the pathos is heavily spread but strange enough it works! Atmospheric, proudly Celtic with its pipes, when I first heard this I thought that Fish would become about the biggest rock star on the planet. Lush, heavily laden synths and organs lead into the song, and after a few Pink Floyd-esque guitar licks, things really get going. An excellent surprise and a confirmation of the talent of this great man. Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors Despite a few uninteresting and overly long pieces, I still recommend this album to most people.

fish vigil in a wilderness of mirrors remastered

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fish vigil in a wilderness of mirrors remastered

The songs are very strong, be it “Big Wedge” a minor hit here in Germany”Family Business”, the gorgeous “Gentleman’s excuse me” or the heart-m Rsmastered number of the lyrical concepts on the album most particularly, the Voice In the Crowd motif can be heard in Marillion demo sessions released on the vjgil of Clutching at Straws. The album is ok in its niche but nowhere near Marillion, if I would have come across this album now instead of 15 years ago, 2 stars would be my verdict.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use remastersd site fully. For years Simmonds played in the backing band of Mike Oldfield and this is most noticeable in the piano part and the symphonic melodies of this song.

Overall, I think this album was as good as it needed to be at the time, but no better. Artistically, it would be kn to impossible to top Vigil. Ambient part, powerful vocals, nice melody. Well, later I realized when I read the “Separated Out” book on Marillion, actually some songs in this album was proposed by Fish to the rest of Marillion members during their tour activities.


fish vigil in a wilderness of mirrors remastered

TheNotrap August 7th Comments. A kind of relief because at times, solo artists want to change from musical style too much in order to break with their previous career.

Spousal abuse is no joke. Janick Gers from Iron Maiden is the guest guitarist here and shows his talents in this guitar driven track. The theme is pretty standard, I must viyil. If I should find something negative, I could say the album is a bit poppy, pathetic and over-produced, but it’s actually another way of saying it’s a strong work and easily enjoyed.

While some of the other tracks focus remaatered creating a melodic backdrop for Fish to demonstrate his powerful vocal chops, this murrors very much a guitar driven song, with a slow acoustic buildup to a heavy hitting chorus and a rocking guitar solo in the middle. The latter is just a hugely effective and enjoyable slab of neo prog, with poetical lyrics, beautifully remasfered and brilliantly performed by the band, with exceptional guitars and keyboards adding a huge sound to back Fish.

I was logically very interested to discover the work of the great man. I remember I was listening to their albums the whole week and crying I was a quite sentimental teenager.

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Soon thereafter, the band released the excellent Season’s End to much critical and commercial acclaim. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

fish vigil in a wilderness of mirrors remastered

The only Fish album to be released by EMI see belowit was also his most commercially successful. Even if some orchestrations stress the mellow side a bit too much. It is a little scary, especially “The Family Business”. The lyrics-fuelled energy and conviction of Voyeur and Family Business compensates for the ordinary music.


Musically the vocal lines seem to drive this track through majestic moments with traditional Irish folk elements. Login Create a Profile.

Fish – Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors

His lyrics are a mixed bag, but definitely lean towards the good side of things; he presents common themes in an uncommon way, which is the mark of remasrered skill as a songwriter.

View from a hill is another lyric about Fish personal feelings on the departure from his former band.

It’s opened with melodious keyboard sound with some soft guitar fills; followed by short piano sound to welcome Fish voice “I’ve got a reputation of being a man with a gift of words. Maybe because it’s a vocal led tune that has strong chord progressions and features some very celtic influenced instruments, whatever it is, I love this song. The second half of the album contains some more inspired moments.

And “The Company” is no different. For me, Vigil was the real highlight of the album. First the good– Fish’s voice sounds mature and controlled, much more so than his early days with Marillion. Anywho, this drinking song as the chorus involves words like drink to me now has some strong celtic influenced intrumentation and is another killer song.