Creates a new FileReference object. OneDrive is one of the most popular cloud file storage service developed by Microsoft. If a SWF file in these players tries to download a file from a server that requires authentication, the download fails. Each FileReference object refers to a single file on the user’s disk and has properties that contain information about the file’s size, type, name, creation date, modification date, and creator type Macintosh only. If the value is null , the application throws an ArgumentError exception.

flex4 filereference

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Whereas the upload method encodes the file in a form-data envelope, the uploadUnencoded method passes the file contents as-is in the HTTP request body. I have a FileReference to select image in my filerfference. Property Value bubbles false cancelable false ; there is no default behavior to cancel.

If a SWF file tries to upload a file to a server that requires authentication, the upload fails. Event — Dispatched when an load operation starts. Filrreference more information, see the FileFilter class.

FileReference – Adobe ActionScript® 3 (AS3 ) API Reference

Number [read-only] The size of the file on the local disk in bytes. If the testUpload filereferende is trueand the file to be uploaded is bigger than approximately filereferencd KB, Flash Player on Windows first sends a test upload POST operation with zero content before uploading the actual file, to verify that the transmission is likely to succeed.


When the file is downloaded successfully, the properties of the FileReference object are populated with the properties of the local file.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. ProgressEvent — Dispatched periodically during the file download operation.

The server script that handles the upload should expect a POST request with the following elements:. Listeners receive events to indicate the progress, success, or failure of the save operation.

How can I get a link for direct file download?

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Boolean — Returns true if the parameters are valid and the file-browsing dialog box opens. Event — Dispatched when the file load operation completes successfully. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

flex4 filereference

If the ioErrorHandler function is triggered, you probably need to update the provided uploadURL with a valid url that is configured to receive uploads. This tool will work only for Google Drive, Dropbox and Onedrive links only. Returns Boolean — Returns true if the parameters are valid and the file-browsing dialog box opens. However, content running in AIR in the application sandbox can call the load method of a File object without first calling the browse method.


FileReference can load any kind of files. You must call the FileReference. This dialog box opens when filerefwrence call the FileReference.

FileReference | Flex Examples

Listeners receive events to indicate the progress, success, or failure of the load. Also – is this running as release or in the debugger? To avoid window ordering issues, hide owned windows before calling this method.

flex4 filereference

The upload must be initiated by user action ie: ArgumentError — Thrown in the following situations: Alex Beardsley Alex Beardsley 9, 12 12 gold badges 46 46 silver badges 66 66 bronze badges.

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flex4 filereference

IllegalOperationError — Thrown in the following situations: The test upload checks whether the actual file upload will be successful and that server authentication, if required, will succeed. Flex 4 – FileReference data returns null value Ask Question. Although Flash Player has no restriction on the size of files you can upload, download, load or save, it officially supports sizes of up to MB.