This was with the default Android browser – apparently Chrome’s even faster. And Photos has been totally rewritten for blistering performance – ostensibly to make rendering the Nokia PureView’s potential 38MP images possible, but the speed increase will be noticeable on other phones too. Very cool, and every smartphone should have something like this. Belle Feature Pack 2 Score: This is more or less instant and the favicon for that page is then shown as a bona fide application in the main menu in similar manner to how the iPhone manages putting Safari bookmarks into its app menus.

fmobi 3.2 symbian

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But the current implementation just pales besides what’s available in the likes of Gravity, Tweetian, Twimgo, fMobi, Facial, facinate and others. This is more or less instant and the favicon for that page is then shown as a bona fide application in the main menu in similar manner to how the iPhone manages putting Safari bookmarks into its app menus.

Nokia Social isn’t bad as such – if it ran at three times the speed, noone would need a third party client on Symbian ever again. Music player has received a facelift, with volume now appearing as a top-of-screen blue gauge and only controllable via the phone volume buttons. In addition, Notes has a new UI with more obvious means of saving a new entry. What we do have is an operating system that’s still more battery efficient than most of the competition – my Nokia PureView regularly goes two days on a single charge, we have a proper multitasking OS that allows, emails, social updates, podcasts, all to be gathered in the background so that the speed of the device almost becomes irrelevant – I switch to the appropriate application and everything’s there waiting for me.

The new layout is similar to those on most other smartphones, so will be welcomed by users and critics alike, while the multitouch handling means that you can, in theory, go a lot faster when typing, not having to lift each fingertip cleanly before placing the next one.


Belle FP2 comes, as detailed above, with another new version of Nokia Social, with extra optimisations and wizards to sync contact thumbnails from social networks to matching contacts in your main address book on the phone. How many steps forward did this take the OS? The results won’t surprise anyone who’s tried loading pages in Symbian Web in the last few years. Every other social client on Symbian seems to be able to put a ‘dark theme’ in its settings, so why not Nokia Social.

Starting from the lockscreen shown abovewhich shows text notifications, missed calls, and so on though not emailsbeing able to swipe at any angle left or right, from any position on the screen, is a nice touch and is much more flexible than having to perform a specific gesture at a specific location, as on for example the iPhone or most Android phones.

Fmobi Signed For S3 Symbian App – Download for free on PHONEKY

Astute observers of the comments threads on all our update fmobbi here on AAS some of which are linked above will notice that there are always a few gotchas, a few steps backwards to accompany each brace symboan steps forward with Symbian. What all of these mobile OS have in common is that they’re designed from the ground up for full-face touchscreen devices and that there’s an emphasis on a slick user experience.

The user agent is Webkit In theory, social integration into Symbian these days is excellent.

fmobi 3.2 symbian

In practice, Nokia Social is just too slow. Fmoni contrast, modern devices are assumed to be plugged into a charger rmobi single day, screens can be enormous and processor speeds and interface software can be allowed to run at insane speeds. I can be accused here of being a little old-fashioned, but I rarely ‘browse’ web pages on my smartphone. With the extra batch of widgets added for Belle FP1 and FP2, Symbian now has, built-in, just as many homescreen gadgets as most Android phones.

The system works very well, I end up with about three screens of icons to scroll up and down, at most. Talking of ‘pale’, another longstanding gripe of mine about Nokia Social is that it steadfastly continues to adopt a white theme for the entire interface – on the AMOLED-screened Nokia andthis is a huge power-hungry no-no.


Belle FP2 is much more than papering over the cracks of a legacy operating system being stretched in ways that its initial designers never intended, but you get the idea. Overall, I’m happy though. And it’s now easy to change the input language on the fly:.

fMobi for s60v5 now available on Nokia Store

33.2 then we’ve had the Apple iPhonewith iOS gradually improving year on year, plus Androidimproving just as fast, and Windows Phonecurrently in the middle of a big step change up to Windows Phone 8. What’s in Belle FP2 and symbiah does it compare to other smartphone user interfaces in ? The first versions were all written in Web Runtime code, i. Opera Mobile, Gravity and so on.

fmobi 3.2 symbian

Belle Feature Pack 2 is likely to be the very last major update to Symbian OS and it’s a bit of a ‘curate’s egg’ if I’m honest.

The Galaxy certainly isn’t the fastest of the current smartphones, but is up in the top bracket and makes for a good litmus test for whether Web in Belle FP2 on the can pass muster.

In practice, this slows down input to more or less what it was without multitouch – maybe slower. Much stmbian I loved the latter two devices as a Symbian geek, I symbiaj see how the resistive screen, scroll and select UI paradigm, and scarcity of system disk space and RAM would all fombi pretty unusable to someone used to an iPhone or Android phone in However, web browsing is important to some and Symbian’s Web is often accused of not being competitive enough.

Add it all up and Belle FP2 is a pretty significant update – in the case of the Nokia PureView, it transforms it from an awkward camera-centric symbin “What, no multitouch input?