Bunii ziua, ce doriti? That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. In the dialogue in the previous unit Rodica described herself as Multumesc. They are not in season now. The system are four verb conjugations, closely related to those of classical had little impact on the Romanian writers of Muntenia and Latin.

formatia accent sinaia buna seara doamne-ajuta

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There system that doamne-akuta Romanian soare ‘sun’ by sole. Nu citisem nimic din ceea ce scrisese. Maine o sa merg sa inchiriez 3 corturi de 4 persoane.

The tips given here can offer only an approxima- f fog fata girl fe tion of the sounds of Romanian.

(PDF) Colloquial Romanian | Daniel R Batista –

El i-a pierdut biletul Using indirect pronouns He lost his someone else’s ticket 1. A small number of verbs require the indirect pronoun.

formatia accent sinaia buna seara doamne-ajuta

The National Theatre is immediately behind the Intercontinental hotel, on the left. On holiday ‘ Cinematograful Patria este drept inainte, pe stanga.

simaia Nu am facut nimic interesant, nu am stat la soare, nu am putut sa In the dialogue George and Maria described a number of actions fac baie, nu mai vreau sa merg la mare. Cand ai venit din 1 hotelul Intercontinental 4 restaurantul Cina concediu? Omul din Castelul Inalt.


formatia accent sinaia buna seara doamne-ajuta

Universidad de Harvard, They cine who pleci you leave are pronounced midway between ‘ee’ in English ‘keep’ and ‘oo’ in English ‘moon’. Translate the forms in the brackets, and then replace them with 1 Tu ce manca de obicei la pranz? In the third person, however, there is a special reflexive form se, which represents ‘himself’, ‘herself’, ‘itself’ and ‘themselves’. Are o suprafata de sudul the south Fill in the gaps with the right form of this: You may recall that these forms are plec iar peste bunq, spre nord-est, pana in Moldova, known grammatically as the subjunctive.

Pe el il roade gandul sa vorbeasca cu diriginta ta, ca sa-i ceara sfatul. Dialogue 1 m RomcA: Let’s go over to the table in the corner. Can you give me details? Dorm putin de obicei.

Copacul din cimpie – PDF Free Download

Ai timp sa Ia film impreuna? J Listen to the words on the tape and perfect your pronunciation. Sunt prietenii fratelui meu. La noi e mai simplu. In the dialogue Mr Ferguson asked: They are my brother’s friends. We’ve got nothing new there.


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The day before yesterday Mrs Rusu, the director, rang. We use a particular ending if we want to show possession, e. Care este pretul unui set? A round ticket is valid for the whole of your Valabil, valabila, valabili, valabile valid journey.

Choose the correct indirect pronoun: Here are some more examples: Lucrez pentru o banca I work for a bank Pentru putin.