Because, well, that’s illegal. Comments Does it work on iOS 7? I’ve been using greenp0ison however, so i’m not used to jailbreaking 4. Enjoy the game, you filthy pirate! MarioKartEpicness on October 31, ,

gba4ios ios 4.2.1

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GBA4iOS – Cydia Download, Free Apps & Sources

MarioKartEpicness on November 02, Vidyo is a simple screen recorder app. This app gives you a lot of Pokemon Go Hack Tweaks such as gbaa4ios jailbreak check, hide your jailbreak status, fake location, unlimited poke balls, moving anywhere without leaving your couch and many more. Leave This Blank Too: We’ve updated the guide with new links and steps.

Instead, a red-cross icon means the app is only works on jailbreak devices only.

gba4ios ios 4.2.1

The instructions for installing this Gameboy Advance emulator on your non-Jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch are simple and you can find them below. Up until recently, only those wily tinkerers who had jailbroken their prized Apple gizmo could run emulators on 44.2.1.

Do not, I repeat do not, delete the app before reinstalling it.


The easiest method is go to its official website at iosem. MarioKartEpicness on November 11, SMF – Just Installed! Welcome to the forums Thank you for the tutorial, I’m sure many users shall be happy to see this!

gba4ios ios 4.2.1

Did you miss your activation email? Then hit “Confirm” on the pop-up. If you fancy playing Advance Wars on your iPhone this morning, follow this quick and easy tutorial. Comments Ois it work on iOS 7?

gba4ios ios 4.2.1

In other words, you are able to install cracked apps or games to your iOS devices without jailbreak. How To Jailbreak Cydia Installer: First things first, head into the Settings app on your iOS device.

Its easier to just jailbreak then download the gbaiphone app and roms. Most of us are waiting for a jailbreak. Why Should I Jailbreak?

Emulators for whited00r (NES, SNES, GBA)

Once the app has installed, you should be able to set your date and time back to normal. Oh well, hopefully someone else can try it. Do you have an app and the installing icon? Enjoy the game, you filthy pirate! When it is done simply open the app and begin building your ROM library using iTunes File Sharing or from getting direct download links in Safari.


Basically It’s a guide of how to install. It has been tested on the latest iOS 10, iOS 9.

Your email address will not be published. Tweaked Pokemon Go is a modified version of the Pokemon Go app but with features that literally breaks the game.

[Update] iOS Emulation – How to play GBA games on your iPhone without a jailbreak

A big thanks to everyone who sent this in! Once it’s done, you’ll see a button that says ‘Open in You will lose everything. MarioKartEpicness on November 05, This solution is much easier.