Unlike some of the other The site also offers many other games including chess and backgammon. Please could you send them on using the Email link on the site’s footer? On both boards, the king wins upon reaching a corner square. The rules of play themselves are also different. An Introduction to Hnefatafl is a book that takes you through the history of this excellent game, teaching rules and strategy at the same time.

hnefatafl pc game

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Thanks for this Mad Dash Studio, I’m glad the site has been useful! Thanks for this, Miguel! White’s special pieces all sit beside Odin; Black’s special pieces sit at the four cardinal points around the edge of the board.

BoardSpace has a hnefatafl game; pf called “tablut” it allows you to choose a board size, some rule variations and to plot your own initial layout by moving the pieces around before play starts. But this suited the primitive computers that PCs were in those days.

hnefatafl pc game

There are 16 attackers bringing the total to 24 the number of runes and the 9 square rows would be the 9 Viking gnefatafl worlds?? This game features colourful cartoon-like visuals. The game runs on any device that supports iOS 8 or better. He is a god. There’s a piece of software for modern computers, called DosBox, that allows your computer to run these old DOS games.


The game redeems itself with its “Ragnarok” rules. Since the different styles henfatafl people’s different schedules, I specify which where known. The goal is for the king to escape from the board, or for the attackers to capture the king.

Hnefatafl: the Game of the Vikings

I have made chess boards before, but this was a new challenge. Thanks for getting in touch, Benkt! Thor and Jormungand, for example, have a one-time special power that allows them to swap their life for that of an enemy piece by landing on it, like a chess rook with suicidal tendencies.

But there are also other special pieces. And the Ragnarok mode gmae some extra entertaining visuals: Here tournaments will be announced, both face-to-face and gqme, and afterwards the results will be posted where available.

On most days over the hneftaafl two weeks I’ll be posting short articles about some of the apps that Some of the piece’s special abilities seem to be deficiencies rather than powers. But I was reminded of my intentions by Andreas Persson on twitter, who sent me a picture of an old hnefatafl computer game from He is captured by being surrounded on four sides. I couldn’t find much detail gamf this game and have no Apple device on which to run it but the screen shots provided on iTunes give some clues as to the game’s features.

Hnefatafl for PC

The site also offers many other games including chess and backgammon. This app features an 11×11 board with pieces modelled on The Viking Game. If you want to try out the Ragnarok game, I recommend you visit the following two links for DosBox hnefatacl for the game itself.


hnefatafl pc game

For instance the lc, or Odin as he is now identified, can move no more than two squares at a time. I’d be very interested to hear about the tournament.

Download Hnefatafl for PC

A beginner may get a few games out of this before tiring of the game; “King’s Table” appears to have no difficulty setting.

Have a great day! When playing in “King’s Table” mode, you get to choose your side–white defenders or black attackers –or two players can use the game as a virtual board. As defender I was barely given any resistance by the computer opponent.

Provsionally set for 21st October at Fetlar hall. I deeply appreciate yhour contributions on this subject – they’ve been very helpful to me! The rules appear to be the standard modern type with a strong king winning the game on reaching the corner. Tablut Free offers the 9×9 board, as you’d expect from the name.