The actual SHSH blob backup portion does not make any modifications to your device. Stuck in Loop location: Download iFaith You can download the latest version of iFaith in our downloads section. December 28, I have an iPhone 3gs new botroom on iOS 4. I have looked in a few spots, but nothing seems to work.

iphone2 1-5.0.1.shsh

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No Service after updating to 5. X, to a untethered-jailbreak-ready and unlock-ready state? The phone is – Week 44 manufactured and has iOS 5.

My IP 3GS can”t restore IOS au… – Apple Community

You must use iTunes or some other tool to make the modifications. This was not possible with any previous tool. Fortunately, there is a way to downgrade regardless of whether or not Apple is signing the firmware.

You were not supposed to restore to official firmware.

Thread starter forshtay Start date Dec 27, Nov 27, 26 0. Could someone explain to me,do i really have this SHSH blob or not: Submit your problem or experience.


You can download the latest version of iFaith in our downloads section.

iphone2 1-5.0.1.shsh

Im asking for a detailed guide since this will be my first time modding it myself. Am I better off waiting and letting the phone sit until my issue is fixable, or trying the ipad bb just so the phone is usable? August 21, Hello everyone! My real question is: Stuck in Loop location: I really don’t think it’s a good solution why I didn’t mention it.

Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Yep, you messed up big this time. Im Moving To The Uk.

Downgrade Your Iphone 3GS from IOS to IOS and Hactivate It

I have tried an iTunes standard update on a dozen different computers but I always get some sort of error; usually ‘this device is not eligible’. PS – I know the 3GS is quite old and the iPhone 5 is right around the corner, but we live in Brazil, and Ap post reply video help read more. I had problems restoring to 5.

Yes, this has been confirmed by the developer of iFaith, iH8sn0w. From what I gathered, it is possible to unlock-untethered on ios 5.


December 28, I have an iPhone 3gs new botroom on iOS 4.

How to Save SHSH Blobs and Downgrade With iFaith

I’ve searched around or maybe im not techie enough to see if ipuone2 possible to upgrade my iphone 3gs iOS 4. Something related to new bootrom?

iphone2 1-5.0.1.shsh

Sine Qua Non 1-5.0.1.xhsh member. Updating 3gs from ios 5 to 5. I have an iPhone 3GS 32gb: Latest Versions The latest version of iFaith is 1. So here is my newbie question rather im asking for a big help since all the apps is not available anymore for my iphone. My iphone is just an extra phone I got from a relative, I still have my T-Mobile blackberry that I regularly use.