That is not to say that electronica ruins the album, but it’s poor handling certainly hurts it in the long run. However, as a whole, the album is incredibly inconsistent. Thanks for bringing this light into my life, you weird Japanese man. Login Create a Profile. I’m gonna check ‘Program Music 1’ out and let you know what I think. If you like april. Eigenellies go to album.

kashiwa daisuke april.#2

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Kashiwa Daisuke April No 2 Cut

The closer manages to be incredibly minimalist, yet still evocative. His solo project arose after the disbanding of post-rock outfit, Yokada.

If you like april. It lacked the beautiful harmonies and well thought out passages found in “Program Music I,” and instead filled the holes with an oppressive electronic aesthetic.

kashiwa daisuke april.#2

Streaming and Download help. Have a big pos!

Bandcamp Album of the Day Kkashiwa 24, While as a whole, “April. Search it on YouTube and tell me what you think of it.


kashiwa daisuke april.#2

Atmosphere -Serph Progressive Remixes. You have to aprol.#2 logged in to post a comment. Bandcamp Album of the Day Apr 24, go to album.

April No. 2 – Kashiwa Daisuke | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Foxhound October 19th Comments. Review is a very good read Xeno, buddy. Yet even within this great track lies a very unsure artist, unable to organize his music into such an ambitious track. Sections of the album appear to happen by accident. It’s a great piece to end on, as it allows the album to slip away gracefully. Well, that was the case for his crowning achievement, “Program Music I. I wanted to make doubly sure there was no link with the video game music composer Achiwa Daisuke.

The former is a mildly lively piano piece, and manages to be both dreamy and interesting.

kashiwa daisuke april.#2

That is not to say that electronica ruins the album, but it’s poor handling certainly hurts it in the long run. Flame by Sephine Llo. This is both a nice detail, and an unfortunate annoyance. I left this site for a while, came back and here’s this guy with a cool username reviewin lots of albums i’ve never heard of!


Stylistically, it’s a mish-mash of sounds and noises, that only seem to come together by chance. While these criticisms seem like a deal breaker, for the most part, “April.

Let’s start a band! Jethro42 October 19th Comments.

Kashiwa Daisuke April No 2 Cut : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Eigenellies go to album. Gyromania October 19th Comments. And that’s the biggest failing of the album. Purchasable with gift card. Btw, great review dude! It’s a very mellow piece that features kasgiwa neat electronic detail without sacrificing beauty and intrigue. Pure Reason Revolution’s new album is just meh, and now this?!