Key Authors zhu zhu Joined 7y ago. Either way, the upshot of it all is we can make our own Transformers. Killmark Spiral Blue Advanced Unknown. Killmark Kaiser Click To Download. Subscribe Sign up to access this!

killmark transformer

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Killmark Silver Click To Download. Killmark Tuyet Dieu Unknown.

Like Welkerbot over here! Okay good, the evil robots can come back into the movie now! Theme Login bleach Click To Download. If only there were yet more marketable action figures we could add to our lineup at the last minute! Login mulher Click To Download. Fx mario ver 3 Unknown. So how do we get off the spaceship now?

Killmark Lighting Strike Force Unknown.

[Release] – Transformer Killmark With Wings 🙂 | RAMLeague

I hate you for ill-defined reasons! Hey, the President wants to know how things are going.


Killmark Spiral Blue Advanced Unknown. Sign up Receive these membership benefits: Killmark Valentine Unknown.

At what time and place ever is a giant metal dinosaur going to blend in? Fighting snail aliens in deep space, huh? Still hunting evil Decepticons while granting asylum to our friends the Autobots?

CF M4A1-S Transformer

Sound Sexy Click To Download. All Abridged Scripts published under Creative Commons.

killmark transformer

I’ve added the new links. Stanley, your evil plotting is going to accidentally cause the apocalypse! Now in order to figure out our next move, we need some more exposition.

killmark transformer

In exchange for their help catching Cullenbot, Ryanbot gave Kelsey and Titus a MacGuffin that blows up a city-sized chunk of the world and turns it all into transformium. Subscribe Sign up to access this! Joker Joined 8y ago. The laziest possible solution would be for us to just find an escape pod. Transforjer full six color Unknown. Killmark Green Light Unknown. Have I adapted to hide out exclusively in the prop department at Industrial Light and Magic or something? Anyway, I was able to map the genome of transformium.


tháng hai – Tổng Hợp Killmark đẹp

Huh, what a confusingly out-of-character introduction for me. The ACTUAL laziest solution is, it turns out that the part of the spaceship Ryanbot imprisoned me in is itself a second, smaller spaceship which can detach and fly away.

killmark transformer

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