Rebecca Wu KiwiGeeker rebecca kiwigeeker. And it is free of charge. In addition, users can create, manage, and migrate their own playlists between libraries and devices in seconds. It lets you connect multiple devices at once to transfer files between them, like, you can transfer files between iPhone and Android phone. Make sure the iOS device can be detected correctly by iTunes. Management and play function is much improved.


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KiwiGeeker’s mission is to provide useful, clean and fresh software and solutions for your music transfer and data kiwkgeeker needs. Especially since users are often confronted with confusion about how to pick out a perfect tool if they have several tasks at the same time.

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It realizes perfect combination of jukebox and local kiwiigeeker manager. Massachusetts Newswire is a TM of Neotrope. What Geeks say about PhonTunes KiwiGeeker brings you fresh data solutions driven by the true geek spirit-with creativity and curiosity at the heart, upholding the values of innovation and independence each and every day.

After that, you can Browse the music files or the folder and transfer them to you iPhone. No Jailbroken Devices Needed. Anytime and anywhere, turn your PC into a music jukebox! All content is Copr.

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It can not only support and work like iTunes, but copy and backup iPod music to your PC. Connect the device to computer directly instead of USB hub. If the device kiwiggeeker cannot be recognized, try the following methods: Connect the iPhone to the computer, start KiwiG PhonTunes and select the iPhone device, then the music files on the iPhone will be listed.



Home About Staff Privacy. Jeffery Spiegel Aug 31, If you have installed iTunes but the iOS device cannot be detected, please follow the steps below:.


Top 5 free music management tools How to transfer music from iPad to iPod without iTunes? Close iTunes before using PhonTunes; 4. Definitely, users who use it for once will use it forever. With the new added music download function in release version 3.

I cannot run KiwiG Kiwigeekee, why?

Batch download bunches of files or specified. KiwiG PhonTunes allows users to freely and flexibly transfer music with ratings and other relevant data included between any iOS and Android device and any PC’s iTunes library, kiwigesker, while simultaneously offering multiple library management functions to save users disk space, time, and energy.

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It lets you connect multiple devices at once to transfer files between them, like, you can transfer files between iPhone and Android phone. Free mp3 music downloads – you can easily access to songs, artist and album and directly download them in provided music sites: It is also kiwigefker to install Microsoft.


Follow steps to install iTunes on your computer; 3. Monday, September 30, Besides, you can also sync music files from iPod to iTunes library and other devices.

KiwiG PhonTunes ,iwigeeker to use the services of iTunes to load the music files, which will cause conflicting operations.

KiwiGeeker’s KiwiG PhonTune solution helps transfer iTunes content across Windows, Mac, PC or iOS

With a mission to enable every user to freely handle complicated data cases and seize a better understanding of the ins-and-outs of data management including security, data loss and preventionKiwiGeeker hopes ultimately make the complex simple and the fussy easy anytime, anywhere. Unlock the ikwigeeker or disable auto-lock function of it. To learn more or experience KiwiGeeker software and solutions, visit our website at http: PhonTunes is one of the hottest music download and transfer tool representing more than 10 years innovation research.

If it kiwigewker does not work, please check if the device can be recognized by another computer.