This site uses cookies. It is all about Christ. May there be a newness in your life with each day and a sense of expectation of great things for you. I allowed myself to be. So, as a follower of Christ, I cannot put the Bible aside because that would be putting God aside. But what I can tell you that with all the books I have read, I have realised it does not make sense without Jesus. I appreciated the scenery even better on a bike as the refreshing wind added to the adventure.

lelilanga ngelam

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There are many experiences I have had by myself. The gruesome murder of Happy Sindane hit the news yesterday. I had a headache.

Double Mind – Lelilanga Ngelami

If not given the choice of health, I would rather have a blocked nose than a cough. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Being in that space, I allowed myself to be me. You ought instead to llelilanga, If the Lord is willing, we shall live and we shall do this or that [thing]. As much as death is a part of our existence on this earth, none of us can say we are used to it.


Praise God, I have gained benefits, however I must admit that I have a lot of information that I have not yet channeled as applied knowledge. And that is another point: Or le,ilanga something will come up.

For love of conversation, Ntando kaYi se. The Bible, regardless of the reservations about the human element and its consequences, remains what is described as follows: In Pursuit of Christ, Ntando kaYi se.

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This site uses cookies. He, alone, is enough. Lelilangga do not see anything wrong because they do not THINK outside of the borders that their leader has constructed.

I refuse to be a double-minded person. As I work out my own salvation, I have resolved to know where I stand. And once it has hit, it is final; at least when it comes to this present earth. It all ceases to be about YOU. Do you believe Him?

Double Mind

I have since revised my standing. I am grateful for my friend, Anna, with whom I have experienced great new experiences in a very short space of time. At the end of the journey, I was tired.

We need to move away from facile doctrines that are pointed to us and pursue Christ. I have known, long ago, that I am not an employee.


lelilanga ngelam

Somehow Christians have taken the former and completely neglected the latter. With so many warnings, that Jesus gave regarding false prophets, why is it that Christians are so gullible?

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Or that I should be patient. The other might hear God saying it really does not matter how you live on earth.

lelilanga ngelam

So to them, anything that will threaten that comfort must be hidden or even discarded. In revisiting my stance, I must say that it is true that Jesus did not come to establish a religion but relationship; however, it is not true that Christianity, at least the current brand of it, is not a religion. Is it because he wears a collar and keeps a pious posture?

I just told myself to relax and trust that I am safe.

lelilanga ngelam

Ukufutha really helped to alleviate the coughing and of course the congestion.