Only with a more sophisticated block analysis it would be possible to identify the varying purposes of the JMP instructions at addresses 13, 15 and The time now is By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Thing I can think of are manila version although I can’t imagine a foolproof method , date, full manila path name maybe some diagnostics. This does not generate a.

luadec 2.0

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encryption – How to Decrypt that LUA code? – Stack Overflow

Originally Posted by Sedziwoj. How do we handle problem users? Rafau – I have no experience in patching bytecode files.

luadec 2.0

Succesfully decompiled scripts All rhodium and rhodium2 scripts: I mean it was promised in previews and interviews but it is not implemented for land battles. Converting it to Lua source code is not trivial. Only with a more sophisticated block analysis it luade be possible to identify the varying purposes of the JMP instructions at addresses 13, 15 and But not hidden good enough: Possible duplicate of Best tool s for decompiling Lua bytecode?

Numeric for loops are fixed, they should work fine Complex boolean expressions and conditional statements will make luadec crash Only works with ascii files. Thanks anyway Egor, that was really helpfull: LuaDec is a decompiler for the Lua language.


Email Required, but never shown. Useful snippets of code. Probably, it would be not so hard to patch this bytecode file to change the name Tiusu Frontline to another one. Going a bit further might it not be an even better idea to include some luaeec diagnostic info there.

luadec 2.0

luasec You’ll get this listing, which is not Lua source code but may help you reconstruct it if needed. There are some more similar fragments in this disassembler output building the same string from the same ascii codes.

[APP][27-Dec-09] LuaTool 1.2 – Lua Decompiler, Compiler and Compare

Subscribe to Thread Page 1 luadecc 9 1 2 3 Last. XDA Labs Labs is an independent app store that gives developers full control over their work. Navigation Gestures Customizable gesture control for any Android device. Algeo Graphing Calculator is a scientific calculator for more complex engineering and math problems September 18, First seem to be two integers I don’t know about, then the ID of the container, then an ASCII string prepended by its length with the container name, then x and y offset of the top left corner relative to the parent, then some flags I don’t know about, then again the name of the component this doesn’t have to be the same as the container namethen a -1, some stuff I don’t know.


luadec 2.0

Guest Quick Reply no urls or BBcode. This is probable Lua 5.

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Luuadec Note 8 kernel source code is now available September 20, You tell me if it’s doable. Originally Posted by Irmo. I wonder if it is possible to create a button called “Fire!

I guess luuadec would be dumb to ask if you intend to use this in your Manila kitchen! His thread is right here: For example see the logo container below.

LuaDec for Lua

This may solve your problem. LuaDec includes a -d flag, which displays the progress of the symbolic interpretation: Then get Lua 5. The list of boolean conditions accumulate pairs of relational operators or TEST s and jumps. Saves some lines in the manilatool.