Philharmonic orchestra starts season in new concert hall. There is general interest for entry of airlines at the Macedonian market and the Ministry of Transport and Communications is negotiating over the introduction of flights to two attractive destinations, says Civil Aviation Agency director Goran Jandreoski in a MIA interview. After being arrested, they were taken to a center for foreign nationals in Dubrava, near the Slovakia-Hungary border. They were arrested while leaving the plant of Shin Heung Precision Slovakia in the vicinity of Trnava. The events are held in the premises of the Library of Foreign Literature in Moscow.

makedonska siromastija

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Macedonian economy to grow by 1. Qatar Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani visited possible sites for construction of hotel resorts in Ohrid over the past few days. According to the statistical data, the at-risk-of-poverty rate rose by 0.

Internet World Stats says there are 3,88 billion Internet users across the globe, i. The programme is rich and diverse.

Makedonska Kamenica

Macedonian poets at Serbia caravan and Belgrade Book Fair. This oil will be with a less than 0. Macedonia is expected to register a 1. After the meeting, the Qatar Sheikh paid a visit to several locations and said he would soon inform the local authorities over their investment intentions.


Albanian daily publishes photos of illegal voting during Macedonia’s elections. The festival’s 25th edition is opening Friday evening in Bitola with an awards ceremony.

makedonska siromastija

maiedonska The award-winning amateur documentaries were selected by an international jury comprised makedomska authors from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia. The company also has units in neighbouring Serbia and Greece. According to the World Bank, Macedonia’s economic growth, although moderate, will be supported by consumption and growing investors’ confidence after the new government took office in June Are the results a reflection of electoral engineering and the stolen will of the voters?

Migrants and islamization of Macedonia.

makedonska siromastija

A central character in “The Australian monk” is a Macedonian monk. On this occasion, government and parliament delegations will lay flowers at the Goce Delcev monument in the Skopje city park. Philharmonic orchestra starts season in new concert hall. Five Macedonian poets will take part October in a poetry caravan across Serbia, including 40 poets and writers from Serbia, France, Germany, Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Netherlands, Montenegro and other European countries. The Macedonian stand will display books on well-known archaeological sites, churches and mosques, published by the Directorate, it said Monday.

P K M Makedonski sinovi Macedonian Sons

Albania and Kosovo are co-producers. It was a real attempt sriomastija find a solution. Telekom Electronic Beats is proud to announce that Macedonia will be added to its growing roster of local initiatives alongside teams in Poland, Albania and Hungary. The Government did not give accurate information about the meeting between Zaev and Ambassador Shcherbak.


makedonska siromastija

Evergreens Cannabis oil available in pharmacies across Makedonsma without prescription – June 14, Same ballots were traveling from one to another, and in many cases to a third city. Macedonian fuel retailer Makpetrol [MSE: Cultural Heritage and Tourism is the main theme of this year’s edition of the fair. United States Ambassador to Macedonia, Jess Baily once again stepped out of his diplomatic duties and became directly involved in the Macedonian election process, agitating voters in the Macedonian capital.

However, the World Bank is more optimistic for the upcoming years since it forecasts a higher economic growth. Unfortunately, such a thing did not happen. Slovenia’s Triglav to enter Macedonia’s life insurance market. The opening event was dedicated to the Macedonian theatre. Macedonian wines of type “Vranec” are promoted at events in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen on October