The U’s side matrix doesn’t appear to work, is this intended? Many thanks for that awesome bus! Also, do not use the automatic destination thing in the toolbar, always use the Tecmic to switch destinations. Mercedes O integral in Viernheim. It doesn’t matter, unfortunatley.

mercedes benz 0405 omsi

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mercedes benz 0405 omsi

If you want to add skins, don’t touch the STCP variants, do it to the others. Thank you again everyone.

Omsi 2 – Mercedes-Benz Camo N2 Bus Mod | Simulator Games Mods Download

It doesn’t matter, unfortunatley. What started out as a quick project to learn how to import a bus into OMSI became a bit more than that after all this time. Discovery Bay Transit Services of Hong Kong acquired four O single-decker buses between andtwo were fitted with locally-built bodywork by Asia Auto Body Works and the other two had Hispano Carrocera bodywork.

I was never too happy with the way the old ones looked, so I made some new ones with 3D-tire thread. But sinceTransperth is in the progress of retiring them as they have reached to the end of their lifespan meercedes sold them to private bus operators in not only WA but also in other parts of Australia such as Victoria where there is 47 of them.

Check the changelog below:. About the passengers, I had noticed that too, but I’m not sure why it happens. High floor Low floor Low entry. Also a special thanks to filipe for the bus description in the in-game bus selector.


Omsi 2 – Mercedes-Benz 0405 Camo N2 Bus Mod

They have small differences among them to make it easier to add repaints. Even if I don’t allow any of this, I’m sure some people would still do mercsdes anyway so Zielanzeige Fahrgastzustieg Wenn es eine sein soll Nicht Aktiv kann aber an den HOF Datein liegen Andere Kasse waere auch vielleicht ein Wunsch, aber ansonsten geiles Teil Great bus!

mercedes benz 0405 omsi

This article needs additional citations for verification. To put it bluntly, the B10R’s didn’t have a side display, so the old side displays from the Camus were removed and were never replaced.

mercedes benz 0405 omsi

The real-life Camus had, initially, the single line, two digit ANNAX display that you see in the US, but they were refitted with the destination boards from retired B10R’s some time after. I didn’t even know that was possible when I started modelling the bus, and now, 4005 just don’t feel like remapping the windows to make them paintable. One of the best in Omsi. They were already supposed to work like this in the old version, but I have no idea why they didn’t. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Mercedes-Benz O Camo US / Camo Camus – V UPDATE – New busses – Marcel’s OMSI-Forum

They have MhG Euro 2 engines meredes kW. All OGs will be retired by I can’t guarantee I’ll translate every single german comment, and, even if I do, Google Translator has a habbit of making poor translations. I once came across a forum post from a “certain” community that said “It doesn’t matter that we steal betas from authors These buses are usually fitted with ZF transmissions, but some are fitted with Voith examples.


The entire difference list is too big for me to omsl it here. Target display passenger boarding If there is to be a Not active but may be due to the HOF files Another fund would be perhaps a wish, but otherwise awesome part.

Many thanks for that awesome bus! Much of its popularity with government and private operators alike can be attributed to the popularity of the Mercedes-Benz O MkII chassis that it replaced. The buses mercees to old BETA version.

Thank you for your comments. Views Read Edit View history.

Omsi 2 – Mercedes-Benz O405 Camo Bus Mod

Fals ich mich aber irren sollte das es keine Beta sein sollte dann belehrt mich des besseren. The O MkI was marketed between mids and early s. Most of them have their boxy roof dome slightly pmsi with a double-curvature windscreen, separately mounted destination indicator and pantograph system windshield wipers that was used on some buses such as the Dennis DartLeyland LynxMAN NL and the MAN SL