It seems to be falling through the world in the. Snap scale fails using corner pivot – Fix bug Problem 2 is a good suggestion, but the movement system is intended just for simple movement to demo a scene. Or move the camera so it is outside the box. Crash importing DAE with empty armature – Fix bug So not important for me anymore, but may for others. Awesome script, but for some reason I keep seeing a bound box around my camera when I look around.

mouselook blender 2.6

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MouseMove – FPS Mouselook & Movement Script – Game Engine Resources – Blender Artists Community

Not so much a problem as a blejder request, but I would Like to second the request for lateral translation in the air while jumping. Awesome script, but for some reason I keep seeing a bound box around my camera when I look around. It might be a version conflict 2.66 this was tested in 2. Upload an attachment is failing, so: Taken from upstream svn, r Three of the ‘mirror keyframes’ tools were mirroring along wrong axis.

Strange that a few people are requesting something that I have been trying to get rid of in my own character movement script. CGMasters Sorry I’m not sure what the best ways are to do this anymore, it’s been a long time since I’ve blsnder any real bge game functionality.


There is Static movement mouselkok physicsand Dynamic movement: Self Shadow Vertex Colors, improved blur method to give more even results. And somtimes there are everywhere aberrations and the screen flickers between black and the normal view Silence warnings when building against freetype 2.

For more info see: The script includes mouselook rotation limit so the camera stops when you’re looking straight up and straight down. If that’s the case then there’s no real answer to that. Thanks in advance for the awesome updates that I am sure will come, any eta on those by the way?

CastleBuilder3d Added the “Import bge” script to the top. Fixed negative value in the Gamma node with negative input. Is it a bug? When he clicks the side, a new cube is added onto the side that was clicked. It should be easy to figure it out, and I have added comments to it.

Muoselook 31, 2, Downloads 1 Like Blender 2.

Blend Swap | FPS Mouselook Demo

Crash importing DAE with empty armature – Fix bug This should fix things. Separate caches were causing quite a lot of problems both in principle and practice. Line sorting also gives artists more control over the order of line drawing – User Interface Interface features include new icons for texture painting, resizeable preview widgets and draggable popups.


mouselook blender 2.6

The Property Actuator has a new level mode. Trackball Rotate jumps releasing shift – OpenSubdiv: A lot of the models and textures were created in an old training course of mine that’s no longer available but I am working on a new game modeling and texturing course that should be out in about 2 months. Better Game Engine logic. Most Freestyle options work in the same way for both Cycles and BI.

mouselook blender 2.6

As soon as I learn more about classes and am able to decipher you script I will work on implementing those thingsā€¦if I can. Allow again white spaces in file names.

When pressing shift, camera is always able to rotate, and still will when Shift released but still go on with walking.

Oh, and an unrelated tip: Setup should be fine, working like expected on my pc. D I try mouseloo download new version of my drivers maby it helps:

mouselook blender 2.6