If your automobile has been destroyed in a collision or mishap like flood or fire. It can be only done by the NZ Transport Agency. You are not the registered owner of the vehicle. How much refund you can expect You will get a refund equal to the fee paid for unexpired licence. If you still have questions, you can find all of the answers in the following categories: Collect the cash for your scrapped car before handing over the keys and waving goodbye.

mr15 form

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It cannot be used on the road due to being permanently destroyed. You can now easily rent a car for the weekend, off someone in your neighbourhood, without the hassle of actually owning one. Customer Service Help Desk. How to get the best deal Make sure to give this application along with the information regarding your bank account.

How to Deregister Your Car in New Zealand

What you need to do for cancelling the registration Fill out an application MR15 from for requesting the cancellation of registration MR You are no longer able to deregister a car from the PostOffice.

Send an email to info CarTakeBack.


If you are thinking about cancelling the registration of your vehicle, you need a proper guide to avoid any trouble. Your application will be sent to Transport Agency Once you have applied for the cancellation and paid the necessary fees.

You can put it on the MR15 form. Choose the best offer price range and arrange for collection. If you have unpaid licensing fees You have to pay the licensing charges from the date when your auto licence expired till the cancellation date. Write down your vehicle VIN number ideal frm not necessary. Hand this form in along with the number plates and rego card.

Give flrm NZ driver licence number as ID. You may need to follow the following steps: Make sure to inform us, if the vehicle has been gifted to you. You will need to get a confirmation letter from them. So, you will have to get it registered again when you wish to put it back on the road.

How to cancel the registration of my car NZ –

Your vehicle fform been permanently damaged in an accident and selling your car to wreckers. You want to take off the automobile temporarily.

Wanting to change the plates. To cancel your registration you need to complete an ‘Application to cancel registration of your motor vehicle’ form form MR15 and present it to a New Zealand Transport Agency NZTA approved agent, along with the vehicle’s registration plates.


mr15 form

You may need to follow the following steps:. You can do the following things:.

mr15 form

Make payment for administration charges at a registration agent. You will need to obtain a confirmation letter from the fire brigade or police in this case. For quick Google search will give you some phone numbers. It is permanently removed from New Zealand.

How to cancel the registration of my car NZ

While if your vehicle have been wrecked or dismantled by an auto wrecker. Life without a car is magical. After then only you can request for cancelling md15 registration. If you live in New Zealand and planning to move to another country, you may want a refund amount in your bank account ASAP.

Life without a car is now possible in New Zealand without too much hassle. Mobile costs may vary.