BalusC k gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Why did you roll this back? Report if necessary to keep the overall quality of the both implementations high. Also, many people started using the Mojarra after 2. Right now, with JSF 2.


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Note I’m a committer of MyFaces project, so I’ll give you here just my point of view:.

Report if necessary to keep the overall quality of the both implementations high. Michael Borgwardt Michael Borgwardt k 67 67 gold badges silver badges bronze badges.

Last week, to investigate a bug, I tried to run it on Mojarra.

myfaces-apijar – JAR Search –

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Right now there seems to be a lot of development going on with JSF Should I prefer Mojarra as lighter This is a non-argument. You can checkout using svn and build easily any MyFaces project, because all of them maven based and most IDEs provides maven support. Why do I need more jars if I use MyFaces?


Download myfaces-api JAR ➔ With all dependencies!

I generally stick with the Mojarra implementation unless there is some reason to go with something else. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.


See the article at JSFCentral: But give me a discount, it was late yesterday and i already wasted 6 hours trying to fix this problem. Post as a guest Name.

Their homepage has been moved around several times. But it doesn’t happen with MyFaces so myfaces-pi.jar i’ll have to stick to it. As Balusc has said, MyFaces is the most stable version in How do we handle problem users? This gives a “raw” measure of how many contributions and feedback has been provided by the community over the time. I’ve seen you doing work with the mojarra team. It provides some SPI interfaces to deal with special setups, when you need more control over classloading.

If you were already using MyFaces, just stick to it unless you encounter myafces-api.jar heavy MyFaces-specific bug which doesn’t manifest in Mojarra.


Download myfaces-api JAR 2.2.12 with all dependencies

BalusC BalusC k gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: Not ranting but honestly trying to get clarification: How do you know it was Mojarra’s fault and which version and not you doing something wrong where Mojarra rightfully failed and MyFaces is unrightfully accepting something that was against the specs?

All it took was exchanging the JARs and removing Myfaces-specific entries in web. If you’re going to copy and paste content from elsewhere then you need to properly attribute your source.

This is the numbers for closed issues over the time: This was a dealbreaker for my company.


All gone with MyFaces. See the discussion at meta.