This chipset is explicitly marketed so a discrete GPU is desirable besides being outright needed to play games. If you’re going to use a second slot don’t waste the opportunity to move that hot air the heck out of the case! The Crosshair II has a nice array of additional features and even comes bundled with a copy of Company of Heroes , but it suffers even more than the Deluxe from the lack of high-end Phenom processors. This is a minor problem at best, and one that Nvidia should be able to rectify. I tried 4 AMD7-series mobos and this board is the best thus far for me. Performance tests were run with HybridPower in boost performance mode to gauge the impact of frame buffer replication to the motherboard GPU.

nvidia nforce 780a sli drivers

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Just by adjusting the CPU multiplier, we were able to get our Phenom stable at up to 2. No comparison of just the integrated drivefs

nvidia nforce 780a sli drivers

Unfortunately, it was saddled with an old and flaky south bridge chip, and motherboard makers were slow to adopt it. We originally stated that only three FX boards are currently available on the market, but additional models from DFI and Jetway are available at Newegg.

NFORCE 780a SLI Motherboards Compared

Wireless networks are terribly slow for transferring files, so if I need to move anything big between my desktop and my laptop, I throw a cable between the two and get gigabit crossover. I liked Gigabyte’s new quad gigabit port motherboard, finally 8 USB ports on the back! The board lacks a digital jforce input port, though.


CPU voltages range between 0.

nVidia nForce a chipset RAID support – Microsoft Community

However, the more windows you have open, the longer it will take to switch modes. Or better yet, abortion? AMD bounces back in the multitasking test and ekes out a slim victory with Officebut the nForce takes the Firefox test.

Like many reviews, just testing what we did and having an article completed for today was quite an accomplishment. I would rather they do a proper cpu sleep states implementation on performance GPUs.

nvidia nforce 780a sli drivers

Power, Heat, and Overclocking Page Both chipsets are well below 0. The a also has full support for the Enthusiast System Architecture specification that Nvidia has proposed to the USB-if governing body.

The first two are self-explanatory, and Windows is supposed to switch between them automatically based on the system load. This single GigE controller is a bit of a step back for Nvidia, though; previous high-end nForce chipsets have included dual Gigabit Ethernet controllers. Just a word from the wise.

nvidia nforce 780a sli drivers

In reply to 1nferis’s post on May 18, Nice article but some mGPU gaming and HD decoding benchmarks would have definitely been icing on the cake. Did this solve your problem? Audio Quality Page Give us four USB ports on a bracket.


And its nForce sidekick. It then produces an overall score. Throughput is solid, and CPU utilization is very low. All of the heatsinks used are low-profile designs.

At least throw in two of each—and what ever happened to floppy drive controllers? Bus speeds CPU base clock: AMD’s FX chipset provides significantly more lanes than nvidia.

A crossover CAT6 cable was used to connect the server to each system. The nForce packs a couple of sl designed to improve performance with SLI configurations.

The Crosshair II has a nice array of additional features and even comes bundled drivwrs a copy of Company of Heroesbut it suffers even more than the Deluxe from the lack of high-end Phenom processors. Geoff got the Hybrid SLI drivers late in the game, and he had to limit his testing as a result. Anand also had trouble in the OC department.