OpKey can be easily integrated with Continuous Integration tools to automate the execution process. What happens when you need a bunch of Mobile devices? Full Featured Service Editor to configure Tests. CresTech is one of the first to launch a cloud enabled solution. What should be the Solution?


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In our previous discussion we tested the login and credential validation process of an application. About Hudson Hudson monitors the execution of repeated jobs, such as building a opkry project. But the last decade saw an exponential growth the automation sector. OpKey is the smartest Test Automation Framework. Recovery Scenario for Exception handling Recovery scenarios help you handle unexpected error like popups to make sure your test can continue un-interrupted.


Hardware olkey, Browser updates, Selenium updates…Yeah you got the idea. Common Data Repository — OpKey provides common data repository that can be used throughout application and on all available tools.

The industry has long moved from a stage when testing was considered a post-development, maintenance activity. Why do we need to test same Test Case using different Datasets? It adapts to your needs.


The authority of pioneering products was challenged by emerging tools. But are these true solutions to your pains? Now execute the test and watch. If Selenium cannot click on an image, get it done with Sikuli.

Over and above the native firefox recorder, Now you can record your tests on IE, Chrome and Safari too. Access to over real iOS and Android mobile devices. So Can we make TestCase authoring a little bit faster and seamless? Q8- Can I add the objects of different test case recording in one Object Repository? Another alternate solution is to move your functional test automation to cloud, where we basically execute okpey created test scripts to identify defects in application on cloud instead of our local infrastructure set up.

After all we want a strict quality control. This is also called the Parameterization when you can test AUT Application under test with multiple set of data values.

But before we do it we need to login first.

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All those waiting for AJAX calls, writing code to handle dynamic objects lpkey. And many more disruptive features to make your test automation experience awesome.


A Single test case can contain keywords from different tools. Q5- I added the xpi file, and have followed all steps. Not only that, you can also test end to end business processes spanning across multiple systems across multiple technologies.

OpKey – Tool Agnostic Automation

This product enhancement merger gives way to a complete Digital Assurance platform which enables Quality Speed for apps while you connect touch points to achieve Continuous Next. But they are unable to do so. Ready to get started?


The Present Bulk of functional testing has always been manual. Challenges most commonly faced by our sector are. None of tools or frameworks in the market can cope with the requirements that we will be facing in coming years.

Such big a code is difficult to maintain and soon outgrows the product itself. Use Automatic build and session naming.