You might notice unsightly font issues when using a non-English locale such as Czech. After you configure an SMTP server that has a hyphen in the name e. Use a browser other than Internet Explorer, such as one from Netscape or Mozilla. It is not possible to select items from this popup menu using the keyboard, and JAWS does not read the items on the popup menu. Oracle Business Intelligence documentation e. Update the mapping file with the following information: The word wrap settings do not affect the printing of worksheets to PDF.

oracle bi discoverer administrator

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Select Username page Help topic ” Section Word wrap settings that you see in the Print Settings dialog work as follows: Patch set is available from Oracle Metalink at the following location: Instead, the Drill popup menu is displayed.

When you use the tab key to select items in a worksheet, the menus do not always synchronize to reflect the currently selected item.

To reduce disk space requirements and installation time, these files and instructions for their use will be made available from Oracle Technology Network: To work around this issue: A value is required for the following expression my-smtpserver. From the Edit menu, choose Preferencesthen click Internet.


To use word wrap settings correctly, you must understand how they are designed for Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer:. Username and Password page Help topic “. The JAWS screen reader does not read an asterisk that precedes a required text field and does not iracle indicate that the field is required.

oracle bi discoverer administrator

This issue is specific to Mac OS X. As a user of 10.1.2. Application Server Portal, you can only change the connection to one of the following:. Username and Password page Help topic ” Section To work around this issue, edit the discwb.

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The ability to change the connection enables users to use the portlet by connecting with different login details. The exported file may be incomplete or corrupt when exporting a Discoverer Catalog in which the name, contents, or data in a workbook contain non-ASCII characters.

Set parameters to force the export to use the UTF-8 character 10.1.21 as shown in the following command line syntax:.

The name of this file differs depending on the locale in use. The Oracle Database and other Oracle database client software e. Select Responsibility page Help topic This Help topic is incorrectly called the Select Applications Responsibility for Discoverer connection page, when it should be called the Account Details: It includes the following topics: Update the mapping file with the following information: To work around this issue, do one of the following:.


After the OracleBI Discoverer Plus applet is downloaded and initialized, it will appear in front of the browser window from which it was launched.

oracle bi discoverer administrator

However, changing the connection might result in different data being returned to the worksheet. This Help topic is incorrectly called the Discoverer Install Catalog page, when it should be called the Install Catalog page.

Oracle Business Intelligence

Clear the Display PDF in browser box. When you save a new workbook in OracleBI Discoverer Plus, any text characters beyond the disfoverer ASCII characters are not saved correctly when all the conditions that are described in the following list are met:. Disregard the note in Step 7. This issue will be addressed in an upcoming Oracle Business Intelligence patch release. In the Web browser, clear the browser oracl and refresh the Welcome page.

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OracleBI Discoverer was unable to read the configuration file. Disregard Step 9 entirely. Oracle Business Intelligence documentation e.