Are there any beginner-friendly clubs you can join? Continuous riding and speed control. Finally, any tips for that first lesson? Preparing for some action on the waves At some point you will face the strong wind though so here is a video illustrating how to ride best in strong wind. How to do a jump with board off

progression kiteboarding professional

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Most allow you to book online, and they offer anything from the choice of weekday and weekend lessons and longer packages. A beginner’s course starts on land with lessons in kite control.

progression kiteboarding professional

This video shows some typical mistakes most kitesurfer make presented in a funny way and epic location. Are there any beginner-friendly clubs you can join?

Kitesurfing for beginners guide: Tips to get started

Rules and rights of way on the water. Once you know how to do a tail grab, doing a one foot board off is the next step when doing higher jumps. Once you know how to pop you can do e. Preparing for some action on the waves The easiest way to progress in the beginning is learning how to ride toeside. You can change your cookie setting here anytime: An instructor with lots of pre- and post-qualification experience is in a better position to coach you safely and successfully.


Go from kitesurf beginner to kitesurf pro! A seat or waist harness — seat harnesses are easier to learn on. The most common designs have an inflatable leading edge and a bridle to attach your lines to. Any decent instructor or kiteschool should provide the kit.

Within these elements, you will also learn about: She offers kite workshops, retreats and one-to-one coaching in various locations worldwide. I really hope you were taught how to do the self rescue during your kite surf lessons. Kitesurf Beginner Kitesurf Tips 4 Comments 0. At some point you will face the strong wind though so here is a video illustrating how to ride best in strong wind.

Cookie Preference This website is using cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Once you learned how to go toeside, a carving turn is the next and easy step to add some style to your turns. Safety leash and safety knife. The most spectacular one being the nuclear grab which you can see here:. Kitesurfing is a wind-powered watersport that uses a kite and a board to propel you across the water.

Progressing kkteboarding means crashing more often and you might need this now more than ever. progresaion


Up your kitesurfing game with our beginner’s guide

Setting-up, tuning and packing down your equipment. Some people take a long time simply building up the confidence to get started: Any kitesurfer who respects the sport will agree that profedsional lessons are essential.

Understanding tides, currents and hazards. Luke Denny teaching a kitesurfing class in Zanzibar.

From zero to hero: how to become a kitesurf pro

Dutch kiteboarder Ruben Lenten in his element. Beginners often get to grips with kite-flying and body-dragging through the water pretty quickly, but controlling the kite in all conditions, getting up on the board and staying upwind usually takes more time, profeesional and practice.

How fit do you need to be?

progression kiteboarding professional

Getting up and riding on a board. Well let me just tell you you have a whole exciting world in front of you!