I didn’t remember that particular. Various minor bug fixes. Fixed issue where users were not correctly identified as Administrators in some circumstances. Added integrated assembly registration on install. Incorporated Lisensis key licensing obviates need for customer-specific builds.

protege 3.4.4

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If I create an annotation for OWLExporter containing some instances of a not-declared datatype The triple will not be exported and there would be no inferencing on the expression. Added several configuration options. Incorporated Lisensis key licensing obviates need for customer-specific builds. This is a mistake, the object property is sourceURL.

Springbaud release notes | Protégé Solutions

Added ability to easily add different Email Service Providers. Thanks for the n-th time!

protege 3.4.4

I also have some minor correction and improvements prtoege suggest for documentation We welcome any improvements to the documentation. As the previous version, I needed to zip the classes in the jar, and it began to “try working”. Fixed screen scaling and some other minor issues.

You’ll find it on the OwlExporter web page: Added results retrieval statistics to internal logs. Fixed issue where data purge failed due to null LastDataPurge date.


It happened both for the latest and butlast version of OWLEXporter re-switching the folders and restarting GATEthen, after having prptege the input ontologies to a “file: MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. Gate 7 target to http: Swapped results retrieval and addition order so that Complaints are added after Unsubscribes and overwrite if they exist.

You also suggested to modify some more files I figure out instead of re-zipping to solve this, but I didn’t look and fnd out which ones, Lrotege need you to explain them better.

Fixed Sqlite connection string format issue for UNC paths. Added ability to refresh all results for a single campaign Supervisor users only. What’s the difference in saying .34.4 or false? Semantics for the Masses.

[jade-develop] RE: Protege Ontology – use of optional slots

Could not get ontology from URL: Submitted by witte on Sat, Learning Submitted by witte on Sat, How could I solve? Removed leading space, underscore, etc from query name prefix.

Added support for MailChimp. Should it also be done on the NLP Ontology for the inverse relation When importing one ontology into another using “owl: And it is case sensitive. I figure out it’s due to OWL limitations, but I don’t remember them ; Can the import and export ontologies in runtime parameters be the same?


protege 3.4.4

Prottege account filter to LocalCampaignCount and ScheduledCampaigns to fix error where an attempt to retrieve results for a campaign from another sub-account could occur under some circumstances. If you don’t have your Upgrade Code handy, contact us.

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My email is in the profile, but just in case you can write me here: Added auto-detection of RE7. Can the import and export ontologies in runtime parameters be the same They cannot, the OwlExporter recreates the import ontologies from scratch and saves it to the export ontology. Added portege performance improvements.