Easily one of my favorites from , probably listened to it more than any other album considering I love to drum along to it. The album comes to an explosive end with ‘Computer Malfunction’ which is a bombastic track with all the bells and whistles. My fantasy is good enough and yes I learned to know the album. In Fuga Nel Labirinto 3: Robert made a review regarding this album which you can read below.

ranestrane shining

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Easily one of my favorites fromprobably listened to it more than any other album considering I love to drum along to it.

Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. The vocals are great and so is the rest of the instrumentatition. Unlike what you should expect, the atmosphere of the album is quite smooth with both melancholic and optimistic moments, based on RanestRane’s need to create some really nice melodies and mellow soundscapes.

The main synth solo is squarely spectacular though simple in its execution, all of these natural sounds swim in a cosmic ocean of voice effects.

ranestrane shining

Friday, 20 November The Shining in the spotlights!! Spoken word dialogue from the film seeps through.

ranestrane shining

The tune, ranetrane in Italian by drummer Daniele Pomo with a great and weary dignity, ultimately proves defiant with victoriously chest-beating moments. The scenes of Nicholson breaking into the bathroom, then chasing the kid outside through the spooky night time snow are matched fantastically with tension-inducing, soaring prog rock.


Review by andrea Prog Reviewer.


I’ve got a bad feeling about him. The track builds and feels as if it’s about to explode but stops abruptly leading into the next shinijg. Fans of sci-fi and prog- rock are most welcome to join the ride. Just when the disc seems like it’s settling into a song-driven format where the tune is the priority, the band break out a randstrane instrumental passage, or subtly incorporate everything from electronic, spacerock and ambient styles into different corners of the album.

What RR really does perfect is finding the way to build up the tension during the movieā€¦. I wish I could say earlier, but I’ve been a fan of yours since I joined PA back in June of sihning discovered the great Italian progressive music scene! The ending guitar solo and drumming steal the show here.

Album Shining, Ranestrane | Qobuz: download and streaming in high quality

Studio Album, 3. Filled with melody and foggy atmospherics, the moods and pace vary greatly from high energy rock with loud lead guitar to soft, trance like passages. Iggy and the Stooges: Basically the band is taking you for a long ride designed specifically to coincide with the film you are watching.

And so RanestRane will lead you through the movie. I can only say it’s very impressive! Ina group of self-confessed cretins dynamited rock’n’roll with a charge of distortion and nihilistic lyrics.


RanestRane Fanweb Scandinavia: The Shining in the spotlights!!

H Natural With RanestRane: Also at the end of disc 2 they do let go for a powerful climax, but these moments are not the rule. It’s hard to explain what you will feel when you see these parts, and so I will post a link from RanestRane so you can discover your own feelings during this part!

An absolutely beautiful instrumental section follows with a great little synth solo and some downright tasty drumming. Vittima Di Se Stesso 4: L’intervento di Grady 3: In they released their rock-opera on a self-produced studio album, a double CD called “Nosferatu il Vampiro”, and they have continued with works based on “The Shining” and ” The music is getting sensual and a bit erotic perhaps as well, perfect done, as you will see main charactar Jack kissing a naked woman in this room which will be soon be transformed in an old dead lady.

The usual piano, bass, drums, guitars and keyboards.

ranestrane shining

Studio Album, 4. Arcam by the engineers A unique perspective on critiquing which I appreciate and find very interesting.