The following translation of the Parable of the Prodigal Son is in this dialect. Full parti- culars of these’ alphabets will be found in the- proper places. When wilt thou hear my case and relieve me from my misfortune? Nay, there are even immigrants from the plateau who have settled in Manbhum, and who still speak Bihari in the midst of their Bengali-speaking neighbours. Second edition, Calcutta, C. Howrah and tlie It has not been [No.

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Mall— When I got home, I saw my children standing at a distance from the 64 [No. They are, however, required in transcribing Sanskrit graramatioal works into the Bengali character, and in Sanskrit grammars written for the use of Bengali students.

Afterwards his bap bahirat ase, tahak parLodL dibar lagil. UnforttmaUdy siuiilar figures aro not availahhj for IMhari, tw that language wjis not separately tjounted in tint Census. Here again Marathi follows the Eastern Group. As regards conjugation, the Present is regular. It is bordered on the west by the dialects of Chota Nagpur, by the Bihari spoken in the North and Centre of Chota Nagpur, and by the Oyiya of that Division spoken in the south of the Singbhhum District.

se chulo takhan unish mp3

Akhun mora khai dai, anand kari. There many persons standing were.

se chulo takhan unish mp3

Wife it knofcing at-once dog driving-away gave. Unsih the ordinary form is used, as kuttdrke. GenYoutube is a fast Youtube video downloader service. GOM Audio is meant to handle all your audio: The- following is the Caibartta population in the area referred to Name of Thana.


Ar uhar baro bgia kbeter barit.

The following are peculiar: But its members have become so thoroughly Hinduised, and are so shocked at the impure practices of their northern cousins, that they deny all relationship. Its western boundary runs through the District of Singhhhum, and includes the whole of the District of Manhhum.

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The letter g or e is frequently written and both are pronounced like the a in hat Thus fdh pr. A wild tribe entitled Kurarja also speaks the same sub-dialect.

It is much contracted, words which, in the literary language, pronounced. With Bhilmt-chandia, Avhose much admired hut rather artificial JBidya-sundar ap[ eivred in the 18th cemtury, the list of old Bengali authors may be brought to a con- clusion.

Adjectives do not change for gender.

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Ar u jaiyar country great famine occurred. For the pronoun of the third person, we have se, he ; tdk or tahdk, him, or to him ; tdrd, they ; and taydir, their. Tate tar pet obOla bbar boye porlo. This, however, is not the fact.

This group chuoo languages is bounded on the west by the Mediate Group of Indo. Calcutta, 2nd edition, You se samay kothay ohbili? It now remains to consider the characteristics of the Eastern Group of Indo-Aryan Distinguishing chsiracteristics vernaculars, which differentiate them from languages of other of the Eastern Group. This it doM not share with Marathi.


Full text of “Linguistic Survey Of India – Vol V – Part – I (indo-aryan Family Eastern Group)”

The vowel i between two consonants is frequently elided, and the first consonant is assimilated to the second. The latter form is the product of what may be called the revival of learning in Eastern India, const, lueut upon the settlement of the British on the Hooghly. Nevertheless, a Bengali when he borrows his Sanskrit words writes them in the Sanskrit fashion, which is, say, at least two thousand years out of date, and then reads them as if they were Magadhi words.

The takhna is practically the same over the whole of Bengal, but it is only used by its speakers for literary purposes, or when speaking formally.

se chulo takhan unish mp3