Together with SelBlocks Global it allows user scripts to run interactively. It enables user scripts to present data for reporting, confirmation, selection or data entry. This plugin for Selenium-IDE saves log messages to a file in real time at a user selectable log level. It runs template-based, customisable or fully custom validation of the tested website after every Selenese step. It reloads them automatically on change. February 8, Version:

selenium standalone server 2.29

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selenium standalone server 2.29

SeLite Exit Confirmation Checker. Standalon can also find a list of previous releasessource codeand additional information for Maven users Maven is a popular Java build tool. This is especially useful for instrumenting scripts that are used to test Selenium IDE extensions.

January 9, Version: It validates all dependancies.

selenium standalone server 2.29

It reloads them automatically on change. SeLite Run All Favorites. This way, you can easily parse the test case in your favorite programming language. Please, also vote for other third party issues.

The plugins below are not compatible with the new IDE, use the legacy version instead. It records server errors etc. Selenium IDE is a Chrome and Firefox plugin which records and plays back user interactions with the browser. You can also forward the stderr to your process. July 30, Version: If an older selenium version is needed, you can check the requirements on the official Selenium changelog. For more information, see the project page.


This plugin adds the pause on fail tool to the Selenium IDE toolbar. To use this plug-in users need to have Microsoft Excel installed and it only works on Windows. Once this plugin is installed, a FileLogging tab will be added to the options dialog and a FileLogging menu will be added to the log pane. Another Selenium process is already running Available browsers Tips Start Selenium whenever your ubuntu machine starts!

The Selenium Expert goes through your selenium test cases suggesting improvements, giving tips and even lets you apply them with a single click.

It supports team work: The good news is that most of the essential breaking changes introduced in Selenium IDE 1.

Download selenium-server-2.29.0-sources.jar : selenium server « s « Jar File Download

These languages include both 1. This plugin provides utilities staandalone testing, validating, and benchmarking Selenium IDE scripts.

Below is where you can find the latest releases of all the Selenium components. Mozilla Public License 1.


This should make your migration task a few clicks affair. For alternative downloads and source code choose the components. This plugin for Selenium-IDE saves the results of the test execution for the test suite and included test cases with a single click.

This plugin is my attempt to selenum the wonderful world of inspections, tips, hints, fixes and refactoring to Selenese!

Download selenium-serverjar : selenium server « s « Jar File Download

In addition, be advised that the plugins listed below are not necessarily licensed under the Apache License v.

Incorporates the flow control extension available here and here. January 3, Version: This plugin allows Selenium IDE to automatically wait until the element is found before executing each command using a locator.

January 13, Version: May 3, Version: