Here is this weeks playlist. Everything we are, have, and do is because of Him. Southern Baptist Church Offices, Elders et al. Posted by The Kingdom Minded Show at 4: Good to see the logic set out so well. Thanks for the heads up! Sho Baraka was introduced to hip hop at a young age.

sho barakas barakaology mixtape free

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Not to put all my business out there, but I had to mixttape to ER for some testing on Saturday while the show was airing here in Peoria. Keep repping d King.

Your email address will not be published. Blessings in the name of Christ! But his life took a different turn after the rap group fizzled out and close friends were killed or incarcerated due to the gang life they led. The song is about the price he and others have paid by either selling or using crack cocaine.

Every single track on this mixtape is fireeee! Rappersongwriter, director. Yes, you need to be very careful about following writing advice.


Sho Baraka – Wikipedia

You know, I saw some atrocious writing by some young whipper snapper named Ray Barakaooogy Oh? Another praising the Triune God with biblical references.

sho barakas barakaology mixtape free

The Intro is the best!!! We also have big news about some upcoming concerts.

Sho Baraka

Listeners, please call us at KMRS and leave any comments, requests or give us a shout out. But he broke almost all those rules I keep reading about Successful? We hope you enjoyed the show! Much of the music is filled with deep theological lyrics that shame much of modern barakaolpgy music. Christian hip bara,aologyconscious hip hop.

Please forgive the frog in my thoat when you hear me talking. We’ve got a diverse show for you today.

The Kingdom Minded Show: April

The download limit has been reached for this file. Saturday April 9th, at 6 PM Where: I think there are only two real rules: We invite you to listen to the show and give us some feedback.

Zema — Jul 22 We hope something was stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded! Hey man the barakaoloogy mixtape was out of line man just crazy some of the best punchlines I’ve ever heard “Jesus come back on a white bronco like OJ” lol craziness man keep the Jesus music comin man God Bless.


Hope you are feeling bteter soon and so sorry about the gobbled words. Kailan — Jun 14 On April 13,Rapzilla posted a blog from Sho stating that he planned to leave Reach Records after four years and two albums with the label.

Adam — Jul 23 I just grab the album on the 30th Praise God guys, keep up the gospelwork.

sho barakas barakaology mixtape free

Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Retrieved November brakas, On June 14,he signed with Christian hip-hop label, Humble Beast. A businessman by day; he attends seminary in the off hours working toward an M.