Running optimizations may degrade datab ase performance. To find a list of a user’s existing schedules, look in the Windows Task Scheduler for the tasks. If you are unsure what type of installation is appropriate for your environment, please consult your Network Administrator or contact SOAPware Technical Support for assistance. The extraction process will typically take less than a minute. Installation Scenarios Before beginning any installation of the SOAPware DataServer, it is important to decide what type of installation is appropriate for your computing environment. The old database will be deleted. If you are confident that the password that you have selected is cryptic enough, Click No.

soapware data server

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SOAPware Services – An ONC-ATCB Certified EMR Solution

Click Change to alter the location of the database if desired. Use this to change the database administration password.

Port number where the database is listening. Click Next on the Welcome Screen. If a user has a scheduled backup set, then both Xchange and XchangeHL7 must be not be running. This helps ensure the user’s data, but the user must also delete old backup files every so often to prevent the backups from taking all the space on the drive.

In these cases it is usually a problem with a firewall setting most usually on that particular machine. Delete Existing Schedule To delete an existing schedule, soapward the Scheduled Tasks control panel as mentioned above. If you have never logged into your database, simply paste in your Site ID that was sent in an email to you after the purchase of SOAPware.


Click the Install button to begin the installation. If you have several computers in your clinic and would like to access the same set of SOAPware databases on the Server from each Client computer, you will need to follow the steps in this guide only on the Server. The DataManager allows the user to create and schedule backups, schedule maintenance tasks and perform database restores.

Before you start using SOAPware for the first time, you will need to register the product. To update Windows, open Internet Explorer and browse to http: Saturday, September 24, 2: The default setting is PostgreSQL.

Enter Backup Information The backup routine creates a copy of the user’s data folder. A b ackup can b e canceled.

soapware data server

Test against the list of site that need to accessed. The database administration account only accesses the PostgreSQL database. Complete the Customer Information if desired, then Click Next. Under the ‘Exceptions’ tab we will just want to add the TCP port that soapware runs on so that it can bypass the firewall.

Such problems can cause random and unpredictable errors or even data corruption.


Technical Support Knowledge Base

Because PostgreSQL is continuously reading from and writing to the same set of files from multiple processes, it tends to trigger programming and design mistakes in antivirus software, particularly problems related to concurrency. Choose the backup file created by the DataManager to run a restoration. Installation and Upgrade Guide. It is not recommended to use a workstation operating system for the server.

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It contains all the user, tablespace, table and data information needed to restore the user’s database completely. You are now ready to finish the installation, Click Next to begin the installation. The administration user on the database. I am trying to run a sowpware product that uses a sql backend on a server.

soapware data server

This will attach a date stamp of when the backup was run. Use this option to keep file sizes at a minimum. This account is used to automatically start and run the Data Server when the computer starts. Firewall Exceptions needed Firewall exceptions can be made on soapwaree single entry