If you have iCal alerts or have turned on event sounds in Mail, you may want to turn them off. Well, it sounds like a great program and I was sent here by a YouTube video that raved about this product and the problems it solved, h owever, this program would not install on my Mac and so I’ll never know. I followed the steps and it was working all right but then something happened. You should also quit any application that may make an alert sound while you are recording. Email Facebook Twitter Reddit. So instead of recording an interview with Skype and only hearing one voice, Soundflower allows you to record both voices for a more professional production.

soundflower audacity mac

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Tutorial – Recording Computer Playback on Mac

When I first installed back in May everything worked like a charm. Ensure that the language you want audacity to use is selected and press ok. If you have iCal alerts or have turned on event sounds in Mail, you may want to turn them off. I tried this, but could no get any sound to come out of my speakers after I changed my audio output in the pref panel.

Never had any issues with it, install is simple and easy and I’ll never use anything else! For example, it can help us record internal sound on Windows 10 PC.


This is a simple and effective method of recording what is playing on the computer. This may result in some slight increase in noise and distortion. VLC media player Simply the best multi-format media player.

Follow the install prompts by clicking on the continue option at each step. Now I have it installed but can’t uninstall it. Would you help me? After reading your instructions I get it. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Alternatively there are commercial applications which can record computer playback to a file that is importable into Audacity, or that like Soundflower can provide an additional audio device from which Audacity can record computer playback.

Download Soundflower from http: Marcus, Try using the audcaity that comes with Soundflower. Your browser should work with the outlined settings without any need for configuration as such testing your setup should work if start playing a video with sound in Youtube before you proceed to the next step.

soundflower audacity mac

This is a simple and effective method of recording what is playing on the computer. You can trash the. PROS Allows different applications to access soundcard at the same time Supports 2 and 16 channel audio. Configuration will vary slightly from application to application you must ensure that the application in question uses either system audio or has Soundflower 2ch selected as its audio device.

But I finally got it to work. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time.


Soundflower for Mac – Download

You can use additional software to record computer playback directly into Audacity or can do so by using a connecting a loopback cable from audio out to the separate audio input soumdflower on some Macs.

User reviews about Soundflower. Enjoy the ability to record any sound on your computer! Something like an horrible-to-listen reverb. Could you please help me? Note that if more than one application is sending its output to the same channel, the audio will be mixed.

soundflower audacity mac

More reviewed onMarch 13, I downloaded the latest version … I think. Denise, I would try to reinstall SoundFlower if you are facing this issue.

Their website has sudacity instructions.

Record internet radio on Mac with Audacity and Soundflower

Selecting “Built-in Audio” will allow you to hear monitor the sound that is passing through Soundflower. Soundflower is a free open source system add-on for Mac computers that allows you to route what is playing on the computer digitally ssoundflower to the input without using a cable. Have you tried reinstalling Soundflower?