When the device is reset, the uploaded logos become enabled and they can be printed or displayed. This option displays the selected original bitmap file in the display area. If deleted, copy the logo data to the same folder. If normal communication with the device cannot be established, an error message appears. When I came to test the next day, the logo didn’t print: The [Update] button is valid only after the previously set IP address or Host name has been changed.

tmflogo utility

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Confirm that the connected device and the selected object device are correct.

Logo Utility – Thermal line Printer – Download – POS – Epson

Use data in correct bitmap format. Check that the file is correctly located in the specified folder. Thanks for the offer but I’ve already got 3 different manuals. When the port setting and device ID are correct, a message appears. Select the device here.

Note that if this is the case, an error occurs. Depending on the device, it may not be reset or it may be difficult to understand. The following tmfllogo are available for selection. Delete the corresponding file from the file list, and reregister it after reducing the file size to fit the selected device.


tmflogo utility

Send the logo to the printer. Also, note that, depending on whether it is monochrome or color, the logo file size may be different. Darren, If the printer was initialised when you started the program a little procedure in the primary windowalong with the character set, then all should work well. Logo becomes available after the reset of a device. To change the memory capacity, press the [SET] button and then make the change.

If this message occurs when logo data has been set, remove any data that is not necessary for the selected logo data. The test checks the device ID of the connected device and determines whether the logo NV bit image can be uploaded.

tmflogo utility

For more information on the stand-alone setting, see the explanation of the “Setup” tab. Choosing any of the items No. You cannot place “TMFLogo. You can use the COPY command to copy this file to a device, which is same as selecting the [Device] button to register the logo. Please change tmlfogo size. Using your favorite image editing program, create a black and white logo and export it as an 8-bit black and white bitmap image with the.

User’s Manual TMFLogo Utility

This is also true vice versa. When this option is selected, logos are registered by key code. Cycle your printer off and then on again.


Press the [Check] button to confirm the current memory capacity of the object device. Reduce the utiloty of the setting and then resend the data.

When “Add Header” is selected for “Header”, the registration number of the logo data and the logo data are printed or displayed together. The TMFLogo Utility does not aware whether the uploaded logos have been correctly registered, nor the uitlity of logos actually registered in the device. Note that once you press the [SET] button, the bit images that have been registered are no longer guaranteed.

tmflogo utility

If normal communication is still inhibited, check the port and port settings once more. If the device to upload is different, reselect the desired device or port name with the “Setup” tab. Also, if no logo file is selected, the button becomes disabled.

For display of only one logo file on Line Display by specifying a numberthe four spin buttons becomes enabled. TMFLogo Utility creates a temporary file when displaying the preview image or registering logo data. Note that once a key code is registered, it cannot be registered again.