One recommendation is C: And they explain they are heading towards a dungeon they heard about that includes a giant demon statue with huge gems for eyes: If you double around and come from the back and “talk” to him he will say “yes sir” aka, float without actually engaging his dialog. That guard house is really tough early on. You switch between them via the Activate facility. I suppose I could always console level up the party a bit and skip Hommlet crap altogether but one’s monocle slips off the face at the thought.

toee co8

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Playing through TOEE with CO8

After installation it must be Activated. Again, be patient as this takes ages. Join the community today totally free – or sign in with your social account on the right and join in the conversation. I did manage to have a small team consisting mainly of Zaxis and Kaunyin with a little help from others clear the right side of the room out, but with Elmo permanently out of the fight I was in really bad shape and eventually all my PCs and Elmo and the wolves were out cold, dead, or dying and the three remaining people were not going to be able to pull it off – so reset.

Ok so I did a quick test run. Your name or email address: I cast all my buffs before going in, trying to find ways to mitigate the destructiveness of the enemies.


This mod seems to be amazing. I was considering having Serena take it at L6 even though she’s got 3 levels of rogue to slow down her effective caster level.

I tried Eagles Splender on Zaxis, it does actually let him get the extra spell slots. Don’t delay much on the weapons and armor though. IMO, Druids are great for wondrous items for a number of reasons, including most of the stat boost items as you noted, not int or cha thoughnatural armor amulets that only they or clerics with Plant domain can make, and monk amulets if that’s your thing. With Zaxis being the highest level toon on my entire party it would make some sense to have him waste some of that excess XP on crafting.

Playing through TOEE with CO8 | rpgcodex > there is no hive mind

Release date Released Shiningted Aug 8, So let’s fix that. Additionally there are stairs leading upwards in the back of the room with a Lt guarding the bottom and several bowmen at the top, and the Captain and another Lt and a mage towards the back just behind the first rank of infantry.

toee co8

Delivering user-friendly support enriched with additional customer benefits. Your name or email address: ToEE Portrait Packs 2. Launch the game via TFE-X and enjoy your co88 portraits in the character creation interface.

This may take a minute or two. If the cheat still works what’s the fucking point of this. See new chat messages, friend invites, as well as important announcements and deals relevant to you. These consist of a ‘big’ image that toed displayed in the PC character window along with stats, feats, skills, inventory, etc.


Co8 Portrait Packs | Circle of Eight Modding Community

Yes the game ends, but go to Hommlet and bring up the world map. Feats for my Paladin cloudropisJun 18, Owned Buy now Pre-order now.

toee co8

The new and improved Robes Of Midnight are excellent. Game The Temple of Elemental Evil.

Co8 New Content: Hickory Branch

Who do I need to talk to? I think to myself. The higher the base damage, the stronger the multiplier.

toee co8

So after doing a bit of running around taking on random encounters and a bar-fight in Nulb and managing to convince a guard at the TOEE guardhouse that I’m friends with so-and-so and then chat with the Earth Priest who sends me off to kill a giant ogre-cook-eating snake and cleaning some trash mobs along the way – and leveling everybody up one level – I went back.

With Java7 installed the mod-pack seems to have properly installed. I’ve solved the same problem for Icewind Dale 2 by adapting a script that binds the process to one core and leaves the others idle uses ‘taskset’.

One recommendation is C: