XDA Labs Labs is an independent app store that gives developers full control over their work. May be a silly question but I have to ask, can this be used to play online videos such as dailymotion, watch online movies from the Internet directly? Thank you very much: Jun 23 , July 30, at 8: PM me if anyone is interested:

uberoid 1.2 mk802

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Sep 18 Google Play Music also FCs when launched. I had the same problem.

Scarica di Uberoid mk

Has anyone here fought this or a similar issue and won? I really recommend you guys to install this firmware. January 11, at 1: The MK first generation was basically unusable for anything else than Video.

Senior Member 5, posts Joined: December 28, at 2: Aug 21 This post has been edited by mkmobile: XDA Labs Uebroid is an independent app store that gives developers full control over their work. This post has been edited by eastwest: Can replace my laptop dy: Where to get this?


P but it’s not for me.

Scarica di Uberoid mk802 1.2

Ubegoid post has been edited by macpro2: The lack of free space on the devices iPads drove me to this idea. January 29, at 9: Should for you too.

Oh but how does Droidmote help play games where you have to touch some part of the screen? But at last when I came to a ROM i think it was 12my tablet cannot start anymore! The article was extremely popular, and, uberiid the suggestions are still valid, I feel like it […].

Bought one and received it yesterday. Can anyone tell me does this has Play Store? January 10, at 7: XDA Feed The best way to jberoid cutting edge news about your device!

Games with small requirements such as Angry Birds work smoothly, while high end 3D games still struggle a bit.

Review: Rikomagic MK III – Make Smart TV

I am assuming this sort of functionality is why he cannot access fullscreen. Newbie 1 posts Joined: In the meantime I installed Uberoid 1.


uberoid 1.2 mk802

Bryn Senior Member 4, posts Joined: Guys, Does anyone have a working link for this rom please? But none of the tablet and phone that I know allow us to easily boot linux from MicroSD. New Member Junior Member 4 posts Joined: Show posts by this member only Post D can pm mk8022 to get the price.

uberoid 1.2 mk802